Is a KSF IOM Dep. Action Group Press Conference required ???

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Posted: Thu, 30/10/2008 - 04:58

...just a thought that we may need a significant event [apart from the 3rd Nov Treasury Select Committee] between now and the next hearing on 27th Nov...

naturally attention to our plight will abate somewhat but therefore important that we should being to ramp up the attention 1 week or maybe just a few days prior to this what I guess will be the final hearing.

Not sure how or who [assume Expat, Diver, Cold Dose Elpasout etc...the A team sorry I dont know all the key players ..any others I have missed?] but that it is essential to get back high visibility just prior to the hearing.

The WHEN should be 20th Nov a Thursday, get in the news Friday and possibly the weekend papers...

The WHERE either London or IOM or both! Maybe we can ask for questions prior to the event and issue our Press Release revised at that event.
Again I dont wish to detract efforts on other fronts.

Any thoughts? Sorry if this has been mentioned already but I could not locate any thread on our own DAG press conference

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