KAUPTHING Hf aplpies to extend moratorium

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Posted: Tue, 17/02/2009 - 12:48

Just seen this on Icenews.
And also the Swedish Kaupthing has now been sold.
Kaupthig hf seem to have taken a hit on that - reducing their pot.
Why is everyone getting sorted apart from us??
IOMG need to press UKGovt NOW to get us sorted with Kaupthing hf. There is money there for now.

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Kaupthing hf

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  • 18/10/08 01/01/16
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  • Tue, 17/02/2009 - 16:55

Exactly what I keep asking.

I included this in my letter to Mr Brown on the 11 February - no reply as yet !

We have been told that the IOM were pressing the UK government to make representation, we urged all and sundry to ensure it was made conditional to Iceland receiving loans from the IMF, EU etc etc and yet all we get from Mr Brown following his visit to Iceland was that, "there was no realistic prospect in the short-term that funds can be recovered from it under its parental guarantee". We are supposed to just sit back and accept this.

Another one for the Manx Herald I think - Depositors in the IOM ask why Iceland appears to be settling its debts with everyone - apart from those in the IOM. What is the IOM government doing about this, why are they so reluctant to take action of any kind to help those who entrusted them with their funds ?

Kaupthing hf

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  • Tue, 17/02/2009 - 13:17

Can you edit your comment above and include the web link to the article, please - Thanks

Swedish Kaupthing sold

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  • Tue, 17/02/2009 - 13:27