Kaupthing documents to download

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Posted: Sun, 12/10/2008 - 20:07

This thread has been trimmed, with the agreement of the original contributors.

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General calm

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  • Sun, 12/10/2008 - 22:33

This is my opinion only,

Reading the posts below, quite a number of us have been on the site from within a few minutes or within hours of it being setup almost as soon as KE / KFS went belly up. Most have spent a great deal of their time and a great deal of effort to try and pull everyone together, stopping the blasting off of abuse and general comments at all & sundry even though each of us was burning inside.

I for one appreciate all these efforts, Yes I've made the odd inapropriate comment myself and been censored for it and have now clamed down to pretty much rational thinking.

What we have to remember many of the new "members" have probably been on their own for the last 3 days (is it only that) with a feeling of isolation, desperation and frustration at their situation and want to "get" at someone / anyone doesn't matter who, what or when. Possibly something should be added to the confirmation email reminding new members of this or even slightly restricting their postings until they see that this site is set up for them and the benefit of everyone who has the potential to lose any sum of money. It really doesn't matter how much that is £5K to someone who only earns the minimum wage is a substantial amount.

As I say my thoughts and opinion only.

I deliberately didn't add names "albeit users" as I thought the whole thread would be deleted as I still hope it will, but the person named has my 100% confidence he has worked extremely hard on this forum from the outset and other forums to pull everyone together.

Thank you - you know who you are if it does eventually get deleted

I obviously agree :-) What I

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  • Sun, 12/10/2008 - 22:35

I obviously agree :-)

What I would add, is I think the idea of having some background emailed out to people in the receiving email on joining isn't a bad idea.
Perhaps based on the FAQ, but also a message of support saying that we are all in dire circumstances but that it is important we all keep our cool and use this forum only as a constructive place in which to further the interests of the group.

I also think it is maybe time to publish some forum rules, a few of which could include:

  1. No publication of personal email addresses in posts.
  2. No publications of personal details including real names of other users unless they have explicitly posted it themselves in these forums.
  3. No subjects that are not directly relevant to to the current situation of KSFIOM.

In my opinion, discussion of where to put funds elsewhere, discussion of other IOM banks not connected to this, etc... would fall under (3)

Kaupthing document downloads

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  • Sun, 12/10/2008 - 20:31

OCCAMS great job. Your work is really appreciated.