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Posted: Fri, 16/11/2012 - 15:02

Hi Folks,

I had done all of my write ups for the October data, but could not reconcile the summary sheet information with my double check system on the Sept cash balance to the new October balance - and I am normally very close.

I thought it was linked to the receipt of £6.167m and the net loss in FX Fluctuations of £6.2m. Before starting my spreadsheet update I e-mailed the JLs and asked for their help as I could not reconcile my figures. to be fair I received a very prompt reply this afternoon apologising to me as some figures were wrong on the 'summary sheet', but had since been updated with the correct figures. If anyone wants to see the updated data just go on the the Bank website and click in. The outcome is an actual + in FX and the new correct updated figure for loan returns.

I'm afraid I cannot work on the new data tonight or at any time to-morrow, but will endeavour to get back to the data on Sunday and try and post my thoughts by Sunday evening.

But things looking good after a reasonably good October, linked to the god news in the E&Y (KSFUK) Progress Report. Let's hope it continues through Nov & Dec.

Take care,

Gordon 45

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Thanks Gordon. We find it

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  • Sat, 17/11/2012 - 10:38

Thanks Gordon. We find it settling (well, a bit more settling) to know we have a few amongst us (you and Ice and anrigaut and others) who shrewdly and intelligently continue to monitor every bit of information as it comes in from our liquidators and are able to uncover discrepancies, queries, 'problems', wherever and whenever they occur. We really do thank you all. On another note, I see there are still 18 'facilities' outstanding for 2012 with only a month and a half left! Obviously, 12 or 13 or maybe even more! will get pushed into 2013. I hope the liquidators enforce heavy penalties for those who don't pay up on time.