Isle of Man Legislature

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Posted: Sun, 12/10/2008 - 21:39

Please respect the fact that the numbers are mostly their homes, we need their help.

Isle of Man Legislature
PRESIDENT OF TYNWALD The Hon Noel Quayle Cringle MLC
The Friary, Ballabeg, Arbory, IM9 4EZ
TeI 823325 Fax 822525
Legislative Buildings,
Isle of Man, IM1 3PW (Business Tel 685500)
H M Attorney General
William John Howarth Corlett Esq QC MLC
Close Jairg, Old Church Road, Crosby
Tel office 685452
Dudley Michael William Butt Esq MLC
4 Sandringham Drive, Onchan, IM3 4HH
Tel 675645 Fax 611151
Mrs Clare Margaret Christian BSc MLC
Cooil Ard, Ballaglass, Maughold, IM7 1 ES
Tel 812152
E Alan Crowe Esq FCIS ACIB MLC
22 First Avenue, Douglas, IM2 6AZ
Tel 622335
Mrs Pamela Mavis Crowe MLC
The Court House, Breagle Glen, Port Erin, IM9 6JJ
Tel/Fax 834614
Alexander Frank Downie Esq MCMI
103 Ballabrooie Avenue, Douglas, IM1 4HA
Tel 612233
Edmund George Lowey Esq MLC
Deep Meadows, 10 Oaffield Rise,
Ballasalla, IM9 2HL
Tel 823887 Fax 827196
Juan Richard Turner Esq MLC
22 Park Close, Glen Vine, IM4 4HB
Tel/Fax 854007
George Henry Waft Esq Dip App SS BSc MLC
4 Whitebridge Road, Onchan, IM3 4HS
Tel/Fax 672056
Jonathan King Esq MA DPhil LRSM
1 Rhenwyllan Close, Port St Mary, IM9 5NJ
(Home Tel) 830038 (Office Tel) 686303
Speaker of the House of Keys
The Hon Stephen Charles Rodan BSc MR Pharm S SHK
Orry'sMount, Ballaragh Road, Laxey, IM4 7PE
Tel/Fax 861514
Hon Anne Valerie Craine MHK
The Carrick,Port Lewaigue, Maughold, IM7 1AG
el/Fax 813104
Hon Allan Robert Bell MHK
Ballabeg, Bride IM7 4BG
Tel 880632
Hon William Edward Teare ACIB MHK
Balnahowe, The Lhen, Kirk Andreas, IM7 3EH
Tel 880787 Fax 880587
John David Qualtrough Cannan Esq MHK
White Gables, Curragh Road, Ballaugh, IM7 5BG
Tel/Fax 897926
Timothy Mark Crookall Esq MHK
Stanley House, 3 Marine Parade, Peel, IM5 1 PB
Tel/Fax 842686
The Hon Stephen Charles Rodan
BSc MR Pharm S MHK
Orry's Mount, Ballaragh Road, Laxey, IM4 7PE
Tel/Fax 861514
Hon David Moore Anderson MHK
Ballamoar, Patrick, IM5 3AW
Tel/Fax 842393
Tel 612233 Hon George Martyn Quayle MHK
Ballahutchin House, Marown, IM4 4AT
Tel/Fax 851001 Mobile 472184
Peter Karran Esq MHK
White Cot, Groudle, Onchan, IM3 2JY
Tel 626379
Hon Adrian John Earnshaw MHK
12A Birch Hill Grove, Onchan, IM3 4EL
Tel/Fax 628973
David John Quirk Esq MHK
27 Birch Hill Avenue, Onchan, IM3 4ES
Tel/Fax 627863
Robert William Henderson Esq DipMgt MCMI MIHSM RMN MHK
7 Oakdale, Governors Hill, Douglas, IM2 713T
Tel 617105
John Ramsey Houghton Esq MHK
3 Willow Close, Birch Hill, Onchan, IM3 3HA
Tel/Fax 628397
Hon David Clifford Cretney MHK
41 Vicarage Park, Douglas, IM2 2QE
Tel 626765 Fax 617234
William Mackay Malarkey Esq MHK
19 Farmhill Park, Douglas, IM2 2EE
Tel/Fax 624634
DOUGLAS EAST Robert Philip Braidwood Esq BEng MHK
St Helen', First Avenue, Douglas, IM2 6AZ
Tel/Fax 624286
Mrs Brenda Josephine Cannell MHK
9 Victoria Terrace, Douglas, IM2 4ELI
Tel/Fax 620410
DOUGLAS WEST Charles Geoffrey Corkish Esq MBE MHK
Pitcairn, 8 Glencrutchery Road, Douglas, IM2 6BD
Tel 620548
Hon John Philip Shimmin BEd MHK
15 Devonshire Crescent, Douglas, IM2 3RD
Tel/Fax 661862
CASTLETOWN Hon James Anthony Brown MHK
20 Kissack Road Castletown IM9 1 NW
Tel 824393/Fax 823828
Graham Derek Cregeen Esq MHK
38 Silverburn Drive, Ballasalla, IM9 2EF
Tel 823370
Juan Paul Watterson Esq BA ACA MHK
Sefton Villa, Four Roads, Port St Mary, IM9 5LH
Tel 837878
Hon Philip Anderson Gawne BSc MHK
45 Garth Avenue, Surby, Rushen, IM9 6QZ
Tel 834844
Quintin Bennett Gill Esq MHK
Strooanglass, Endfield Avenue, Port St Mary, IM9 5EW
Tel/Fax 832673
Tel/Fax 627863 Malachy Cornwell Kelly Esq LLB AKC MCMI
Mellray, Gansey Bay, Port St Mary, IM9 5NE
(Home Tel) 836913 (Office Tel) 685500
Tel 685500 Fax 685504
Website: E mail: enquiries(?)tynwald [dot] org [dot] im

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Email contacts for IoM departments

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  • Mon, 13/10/2008 - 06:53

(you may need a few goes to get it to load)

Compensation Scheme

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  • Sun, 12/10/2008 - 22:59

If the Board of KSF IOM decide to wind up the company on the 24th Oct, the IOM authorities compensation scheme will come into effect offering up to £50k.

We need to get everyone compensated ASAP.

As I understand it the scheme has no money currently in reserve, rather 'a DCS fund is created (when needed) from contributions made by other deposit takers in the Isle of Man. Deposit takers are banks and building societies.' Each pays a minimum of £50k and up to a maximum of £500k in any single year, based on the what the scheme judges 0.125% of their annual deposit base to be.

Excluding our own KSF IOM there are 33 deposit takers, giving a minimum of 33 £50k compensation pay outs, and a maximum of 330.

Dosen't look great does it...however the scheme's regulations state that the Compensation Fund may borrow money.

Let's lobby for the IOM Compensation Fund to borrow as much cash as it needs to pay everyone up to the £50k, and then let the scheme pay off the debt over a number of years using the annual contributions from the banks / building societies.

That would at least get some money flowing out and help with cash flow problems, while the Icelandic Govt addresses how it will meet its obligations to UK depositors. We will get our money back...

Like the UK scheme

  • cold-dose
  • 11/10/08 31/05/09
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  • Sun, 12/10/2008 - 23:16

The UK scheme borrows money, which is later paid off by the other banks.

I think we have to see the

  • occams razor
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  • Sun, 12/10/2008 - 23:27

I think we have to see the DCS as a last resort.
When they trigger the scheme, I would imagine that would mean all other hopes are gone.
Also, there's a lot here with more than £50k at stake.
I'm not one of those, but the polls at least show the majority have a lot to lose even if the DCS pays out in full, which as we know may be a long slow process.

Dialling code

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  • Sun, 12/10/2008 - 21:57

Dialling code is +44 (0)1624 for all Isle of Man numbers.