IoM Internal Split - Exploit It

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Posted: Wed, 04/02/2009 - 22:31

We are not alone in not being informed about Bell's and Brown's activities, even Tynwald is not being informed. - IoM is not even in touch with their own officials! Write to those officials.............

MHKS claimed in the House of Keys this week that they had been kept in the dark over the Kaupthing crisis.
Bill Henderson (Douglas North) said: 'We have been told virtually nothing.'

He asked why members had still not been briefed over the outcome of a meeting held in December between the Isle of Man and UK Treasuries about the UK's review of British offshore finance centres.

And he demanded to know why members had not received information about the recent visit to Iceland by high level Manx delegation made up of Chief Minister Tony Brown, Treasury Minister Allan Bell, Attorney General John Corlett, Chief Secretary Mary Williams and Chief Financial Officer Mark Shimmin, who flew out to Reykjavik to meet Kaupthing Bank's Resolution Committee.

Mr Henderson said: 'It is contemptible that no other member here knows what happened in London or Iceland.'

He also asked why a statement had not yet been issued following the adjournment of the KSF (IoM) court hearing last week when proposals were put forward for an alternative to the liquidation of the bank which could see 71 per cent of depositors get all their money back within two years.

Answering on behalf of absent Treasury Minister Allan Bell, member of Treasury Phil Braidwood, said: 'I'm sure that on his return from London, the minister will offer a presentation to all members.'

But Brenda Cannell (Douglas East) said: 'It is disrespectful to this House - the court hearing was five days ago. It's not acceptable for members to have to rely on the media to learn what is going on. Tell the minister we are not happy here today.'

Mr Braidwood explained that the minister, Chief Minister and chief financial officer had spent their time preparing for their visit to London.

Here is the link:

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Be careful what you wish for.

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  • Thu, 05/02/2009 - 10:20

Be careful what you wish for. Up until now Bell/Brown & co have been supportive of our cause and are trying to do something, (It may not be enough but it is something).

There is no saying what the approach of the other MHK's might be. Better the devil you know!

IOM Government Email address list

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Click on this link to bring up the email addresses of all departments of the IOM Government. We should deluge each and every one of them with emails and get them asking questions of what ha been going on within their own government. Lets get busy now, we don't have much time before the next, and probably last, hearing.

Is the IOM a secret off-shore centre ?

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Another opportunity for members to comment on the KSFIOM affair

I have just sent this in:

Cayman Islands & the Guardian -- what about the Isle of Man?
I watched Panorama's programme on the issue of the super-rich using secret accounts in off-shore centres such as the Cayman Islands. The Ise of Man was on the map of the programme, but the IOM Government says it is squeeky clean in this respect. However, the point was made that these off-shore centres have operations that are so cleverly concealed with coded accounts etc, that nothing short of a whistleblower will bring into the open what everyone suspects. So I wonder if we will ever know if the IOM really is squeeky clean? To be fair it probably is because it can't guarantee 100% the life savings of honest Expat UK tax paying depositors who have lost everything in the collapsed of KaupthingIOM Bank.


Is the IOM a secret off-shore centre ?

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  • Thu, 05/02/2009 - 00:30

The Isle of Man government continue to sing the praises of the transparency of their finanial centre.

Whilst they might argue that it can't be regarded as a secret off-shore centre, the evidence, from our bitter experiences is, that they can no longer regard the Isle of Man as a "Safe Haven" - nor should anybody else.