Investigation continues in Iceland

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Posted: Thu, 01/12/2011 - 13:50

Extracts from Sigrun Davidsdottir's latest blog:

"Today, several persons have been brought in for questioning with the Office of the Special Prosecutor. ....
This is the first time that people related to Glitnir have been brought in for questioning. With the Glitnir case, in addition to earlier investigations related to Landsbanki and Kaupthing all the three major banks are now being investigated. In all cases, fraudulent activity involving billions of krona is being investigated, showing the outline of something far bigger and deeper than just failed attempts to save failing banks.

Many Icelanders feel the OSP is taking a long time to investigate alleged fraud related to the three banks that collapsed in October 2008. However, it’s well known that fraud investigations tend to be time-consuming. In terms of the economy, Iceland is doing well but the feeling is that as long as the fraud investigations are ongoing the events of October 2008 and the boom years are still an open book to the Icelandic mind."

Dare we hope that some of the perpetrators will eventually be brought to justice?

Would that HMG (this one or the previous one) had shown a similar interest in seeking the truth regarding the operation of these banks in the UK.

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