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Posted: Mon, 12/01/2009 - 22:19

As I mentioned in a previous post, members of the informal DAG committee met with IoM Treasury and Alix Partners representatives today to discuss, amongst other things, the DCS and potential Schemes of Arangement (SoAs). In addition some of us met with David Greene to discuss the legal situation and our options going forward and, to top it all off, I also held a phone conversation with Mike Simpson.

I am more than aware that a lot of you will be waiting for an update on what transpired in all these meetings and one will be posted tomorrow. The reason for the delay is that some of us are only now getting back home (I had meetings with journalists today as well) and we need an opportunity to discuss what we heard today and to pool our thoughts to ensure the update is a coherent and thorough as possible.

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Interim Comment

  • legacy41
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  • Tue, 13/01/2009 - 11:35

Thanks Diver, for all your work on our behalf. Don't worry about the delay - as long as we are kept informed about what is going on, the majority of us will be more than happy


  • homeless
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  • Tue, 13/01/2009 - 06:11

Thanks to yourself and the "team" Diver for the ongoing efforts on our behalf. Will appreciate hearing what you have to say later today.

Cheers, Diver

  • uptight61
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  • Tue, 13/01/2009 - 05:18

Thank you Diver - keep up the good work, mate. Please keep us posted if help required eg. Email barrage


  • hippychickrobbed
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  • Tue, 13/01/2009 - 05:13

thanks diver, its nice to know we have legal routes to explore..

Thank you, Diver and Informal Committee

  • Hoping and coping
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  • Tue, 13/01/2009 - 02:56

Thank you all so much for all your work and efforts - and for all the time you are all spending on all of this. We look forward to reading your update - will wait as patiently as possible!

Well Done Diver

  • steveejeb
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  • Tue, 13/01/2009 - 00:05

Well done Diver and thanks for all you are all doing.