IMPORTANT: New postings are now handled slightly differently

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Posted: Sun, 16/11/2008 - 15:47


Where your post "goes to" by default

By default, a Forum or Group post now has its audience set to whatever group you are viewing when you create that post. It is not displayed in the public view of the site by default - this is a significant the change - previously all posts contributed to the public view by default. Now you must already be in a Group view before posting Forum or Group discussion items. However, News and Blog items remain public, as before.

Public view = Google view

What this means is (assuming you change nothing) your posting will be visible only to registered members of this web-site, and specifically only to those who are members of the group you are posting from - in many cases this will be the desired result. However, Google cannot "see" such posts either (good if you're going to discuss anything of an "internal" DAG nature) and the same goes for comments to the original post.

How to make your post public

If you do need to make your post visible to the public (and Google, etc.), click the GROUPS link (just below where you type your main text) and set the Public check-box which appears after the list of groups.

How to target one or more specific Groups as the audience

Click the GROUPS link (just below where you type your main text) and select as many as are applicable (but please think carefully before taking a "shotgun" approach.) Consider also whether your post should remain in the All Members group or not. Note, only those Groups of which you are a member are shown as options here.

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