Important look at these posters:- I'm working on shame the UK Governmnet/treasury campaigns to post in London Westminster areas

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Posted: Sun, 01/02/2009 - 11:40

I just got back form the IOM and court hearing - immediately got into this. To be posted around Westminster on a few key underground stations and bus sides or backs on these routes where we can still hope shame the treasury into 100% return I have been a successful international London/New York/Johannesburg Art Director all my life . Peak earning years for this profession 20 to 40 - 80% of my life savings and my late husbands (best selling music author died of Leukemia in 1991). I should be in Egypt (where I know live) and en route to New York soon. So am offering my services ( I’m used to working fast) to get some winning campaigns together before I return - which should be soon.
I am speaking to an ex colleague today to get some idea of Ad space costs/production etc.
Diver/Core team do you think we should thrash some of these out (printed) to hand out to anyone entering the TSC on Tuesday Feb 3rd - can you put my name down as "in". Have we got some small printing budget for a print run on Monday?
The two posters need a litle visual polishing which I can do today

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  • Sun, 01/02/2009 - 13:11

Hi Fight Theft,
I agree they are great graphically! Should have had you when I was working on the latest DAG home page..

However, just spoke to Diver and we agree that the time isn't really right. We are going to need the government on our side soon and will be taking actions which are more "calculated" and less "emotional"..
Hopefully all the evidence at the TSC will have the effect of shaming the FSA and bringing about a change of government thinking!

Thanks for your support!


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  • Sun, 01/02/2009 - 11:51

Excellent idea. Loved the posters. Simple and to the point.
Thanks for doing that. Keep some up your sleeve for IOM if they don't pull through.