The hypocritical Bishop of the IoM

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Posted: Thu, 12/03/2009 - 07:55

The Bishop - a member of the Tynwald - has complained about some depositors writing a letter to 'them'.

Here is my reply to the article in the IoMToday paper
I am not the author of the letter and don't know who is, but frankly I can not see anything wrong with it!

I have a relative who is an elderly, retired, disabled woman who has lost her life savings because the Island's Financial Supervision Commission has totally failed to protect her money.

Gordon Brown says that in seeking a global solution to the global crisis in the banking world every government throughout the world should vouschsafe savings & deposits in their banks.
Instead of agreeing with that policy the IoM Government is cocking the snook at Gordon Brown by saying it does not agree with it! Why not I ask?

It is now common knowledge that the Isle of Man is 11th. in a list of international Tax Havens involved in secret accounts set up in 10 financial institutions on the Island for the purpose of rich people evading paying taxes.. Are we to believe that the IoM Treasury is not aware of this?

Come on! IoM Government - do the right thing for decent, hard working, tax-paying retired expats who trusted your Island to take due care of their hard-earned life savings! Pay up - or shut up your
crooked financial shops before honest people - or the British Chancellor - do it for you!

As for the Bishop, instead of whinging to put down depositors who put their trust in the Isle of Man, he of all men should be standing up for truth & justice & expose the jiggery-pokery that he knows damn well is going on!


We should all keep looking in and and write in response to anything that affects us, directly or indirectly

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