Glossary feature, and how you can help [updated]

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Posted: Thu, 19/03/2009 - 16:18

How does it work?

When displaying text (e.g. forum posts, comments, blog entries) the system automatically scans words which have entries in the glossary. When found, the word (or phrase) is marked in such a way that a 'pop-up' description is made available when you 'hover' your mouse over that word/phrase.

So, if you don't know what DCS means, or SoA, or HMG, etc, it's now very easy to find out.

How can you help?

Clearly the glossary list has to be created. Tricky Dicky did a great job of managing the old glossary on the public site and has a management role here for the new glossary. But, right now all members are able to contribute to the glossary - many hands make light work.

Who can create and edit glossary terms?

Currently anybody can:

In addition, a few members (those with the Site Assistant role) can delete any term, regardless of who created it.

In the future, creation and editing of terms may be restricted.

What terms are needed?

Pretty much anything that might be used here in the forums, and might confuse new users here or simply people who aren't used to using that particular term or abbreviation.

Somebody edited a term I created - my version was better, what can I do?

Ask me to restore the previous version (the system will automatically keep all earlier versions, dates and times and author information.)

Is it possible for existing content, e.g. forum posts or blog posts to be converted to glossary terms?

Yes, I can do that - send me a message giving me the details.

Is there anything I should NOT enter in the glossary?

Please be careful of ambiguity. For example, although AS might be a convenient abbreviation for Arnold Schwarzenegger, it would be a bad idea to enter as a glossary term since it matches a common English word.

What are "related terms" for?

If you set "related" terms, then a "see also" link to those terms will be displayed in the main glossary view. Example: FSA and FSC could be considered related terms.

Anything else?

  • Currently, the 'pop-up' display of a term's description will not handle things like text formatting or links to other pages. However, they are correctly handled in the glossary view. So, if you see that a description contains formatted text or links, click on it's term-link rather than just "hovering" over it - then you will see the full description correctly formatted.

  • Consider putting plural forms of terms into the synonyms field.

  • This is new. I have tested it as far as possible but there may be bugs and/or limitations.

  • In the event that two (or more) people try to simultaneously edit the same entry, only the person who saves first will actually get their changes saved. The second will be told that changes have been made, and will need to re-start their editing. This behaviour makes sense, if you think about it.

  • You can prevent text from being recognised as a glossary term by marking it: [no-glossary] text-to-be-ignored [/no-glossary].

  • Links for adding new terms and listing existing terms are shown at the top of the main glossary view.

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@ng --- Glossary..a good idea!

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  • Thu, 19/03/2009 - 16:37

This is a welcome addition. Could it be represented on the navigation bar so it does not get lost ?


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  • Thu, 19/03/2009 - 16:45

Which part, the glossary view itself? Do you think it necessary? I've updated the H E L P ! link, so that now has a link to the glossary. Also, since the url is simply - people might actually remember it :) I can put it on the top menu, just starting to get cluttered maybe?