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Posted: Fri, 03/04/2009 - 06:39

"The hour is getting late."

For those who entertain themselves by looking for the origins of the crisis we find ourselves in, this is one of those stories like the stories about the origin of Microsoft and Apple. Or like the movie "Wall Street" or "Bonfire of the vanities." Or some such. Attempts to give meaning.


Iceland was a story.

As the world credit bubble expanded more and more, more people climbed on board. Until finally in little old Isle of Man we had Cashen and Gelling, obviously enticed by this mysterious Aidan Doherty, joining the party.
And they probably didn't understand anything profound about what was happening. Corrupt innocents abroad.

And I might suppose they have their friends, Apsden (a classic case of cognitive regulatory capture) and Bell ( a mystery ), and Bell and Brown (Am I right in thinking that he appointed these clowns?). It was the tail end of the party, and everybody was joining in.


You're back.....

They were told that when the clock struck 12 the party would end, but they wanted and hoped that the party would go on. They half-heartedly prepared themselves........

But then the clock struck 12. And the Cinderella coach turned into a pumpkin. Their fancy clothes turned into rags.

"What do we do?" they cried in closed session. Deny everything! Blame them! Well, if the truth is told, they were having their own party too. We'll assume our responsibilities said the eldest ugly sister, but not the ugliest.

So we have Cinderella and the two ugly sisters. And we're waiting for the prince to bring the story to a happy end.

Anybody got a magic wand to turn G. Brown from a toad into a prince?

Perhaps we need to depose two governments. who knows?

Just kidding. Just musing. No response necessary. Just graffiti in a ghost town at night.

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