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Posted: Fri, 03/07/2009 - 20:54

It is clear: Direct Action, taking our outrage onto the streets of UK/IOM once and for all and screaming it out loud and clear into the faces of the media so that the world can know what these governments have done to us, is not going to happen. Half a dozen will not make any impact at all. The only way Direct Action will happen is if it is endorsed, encouraged, supported and organized at the highest level which we have available to us. In other words, the 'Call to Arms' has to come from DST. They work tirelessly for us, have achieved so much, won many battles but this one has been left undone. It is critical we get onto the streets now. We are the ones who must do this, no one else can do it for us. All this fancy talk is getting us nowhere. We are locked into a war of attrition and it just keeps going round and round. None of them; FSA/FSC/IOM/UK/IOM/Iceland/bank managers are going to take the rap and own up, everyone is hiding and blameless, apparently. It is for us to break this vicious circle. DST very effectively organized the opposition to the SoA and have collated information and gathered opinions so as to battle the just cause. Hundreds in the UK have responded to their calls before. Will hundreds in the UK respond to their call for a mass demonstration if they were asked? l will not speak again on Direct Action. I am having to go back to work because my savings have been stolen. If you do all get together I will certainly take the day off though. Best Wishes, Peter.

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It'll works

  • marklee
  • 18/07/09 31/05/09
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  • Sat, 18/07/2009 - 10:06

Thanks for the mention. The article itself shows that you put a great deal of care into your work it training
Let me say that great words, infect this is the ironical that we are facing and indulging ourselves into it, and you are right that just we can do this for us, no one will do this for us.

Thanks for sharing all these links and informative stuff.

let this not be talk..

  • hippychickrobbed
  • 03/11/08 31/05/09
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  • Sat, 18/07/2009 - 10:18

You know we can do this everybody, lets protest. lets start with the power of information on the internet, .Look what is happening, they are going to trample all over our legacys, our savings, we just have to do something. All this is helping pwc simpson and staff get a nice bonus and mega salarys out of our misery,and the lawyers all of them kept in employment. while we have to wait to get scraps of our money, no , no they would never allow this to happen to them so why are we being lame. TEll ME... lets get going.

Great words , if all those

  • jeffwilkins
  • 21/10/08 14/11/09
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  • Fri, 17/07/2009 - 15:18

Great words , if all those calling for Direct Action Get together and start the ball rollling maybe it will pick up moss ( others of us not good at organising and we just might get enough people on the street to make sufficient noise.

Take notice , farmers, firemen , tanker drivers, gay rights, single fathers and others, they have all been where we are wanting a voice and finding one on TV, Radio and the press.

This is not a mad idea just takes organisation.

Jeff Wilkins

How to progress this...

  • Iwantmymoneyback
  • 10/10/08 31/05/09
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  • Tue, 07/07/2009 - 12:07

We should confirm interest by polling members, asking whether they would be willing to take part to a demo, allow for a fall out percentage, say 50%. If the numbers still look decent, pick a date and go for it. Obviously, we would need to make sure it gets maximum impact, mediawise.