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Posted: Sat, 28/03/2009 - 23:46

We all want back 100% of our hard-earned deposits. Yes?
We all know the IOM Government has already spent a fortune in devising a scheme of arrangement in order to save itself (not us) from ruin but which clearly falls far short of guaranteeing 100% return for ALL depositors in KSFIOM. Yes?
We all know we can no longer trust the integrity of banks anywhere and their senior employees or indeed most governmental departments who are tasked with ensuring sound, honest practice and accountability. I for one have been hood-winked by senior management at KSFIOM. All this ducking and diving witnessed during the past 6 months must now come to a stop. We all know the solution to this indignity, which we are all submitted to day after day, has not been taken up by IOM Government, i.e. the request of a loan from HMG Treasury (or indeed any other solution) which would restore their image, our lives and allow justice to be seen to be done. So, we need to stand up to them. A demonstration of outrage on the IOM is needed, but it must be massive, properly coordinated and sanctioned by the DAG team. These are my feelings. What are yours on the subject of a demonstration? Best Wishes to all of you. We are all in this together.

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