Devising a 'hard copy' PR Strategy

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Posted: Tue, 02/12/2008 - 17:52

We're all understandably extremely frustrated by the continued stand-off of HMG, and now we seem to have been confirmed as unsecured creditors at the E&Y meeting. We appear to have exhausted the MP and media lobbying and reading through the comments, there is a sense of despair.

I want to open up this forum to gauge the interest in a new angle to the campaign that uses what we can do as a collective through this site, but to devise some less high-tech initiatives, namely hard copy material that we can distribute by post, and which will work in a similar way to conventional non-web-based material.

Between us, for example, we could write the copy, collated from texts and positions papers on here, for a booklet that could be downloaded from a link to this site, and posted to selected people and groups. The content would be roughly a combination of intro summary, economic/political angle, tax issue, moral issue via stories and plights, and visual support - pics of some of us. As the content came together, so the design of it would take shape, but at least expensive to reproduce it could just be a word document printed out on home printers.

We could produce a leaflet, like an educational flyer, designed well and with visuals. These could be printed in our various regions and posted and distributed.

We could use the viral marketing idea, but selectively, in a way that ensures it wouldn't end up as spam and would reach people of influence who might be able to help.

We do have three angles of speculation - while the British Government angle seems hopeless, there's still the question of the parental guarantee, and the initiatives of the Isle of Man. In all three cases, people and groups use conventional hard-copy information sources, not just the internet, and despite the internet, the conventional formats still work as effectively. We haven't tried this because of the virtual nature of this group of people. However, it's not beyond us, through this site, to work collectively to develop initiatives of more material form.

These are just three among many likely ideas, once the imagination is fired.

I'm anxious about getting involved in such a task, but on the other hand the issue that we're fighting is life-changing. I'm still living on the basis that the savings will come back. If they don't, I for one can't see how later life - not that far away - will pan out.

If anyone would be interested in pursuing these suggestions, or has other similar ideas, can we share them on this forum, and if there's a consensus of opinion, see what we can do.

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