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From "KA"

I'm pleased to announce that at least 30 people will be attending the demo on 9th April. With over 3,000 UK depositors and over 2,000 on IOM we can surely increase that amount!! And you don't need to worry about bringing banners/placards as they are being made and printed locally to be distributed on the day. Just bring yourself!!

The banners will say:

Fairness means

World class means

Doing the right thing

Justice means

For the moment the planned programme is to meet outside the courthouse, Deemster's Walk, Douglas, at 9am before the Deemster's hearing which starts at 10am. The press will be there, including the BBC, so we will be heard as well as seen . We might also take a group walk, with placards along the street where some of the bank have their offrices and branches.

At the hearing, once the Deemster has spoken, we will also be able to put some questions him and to others inside the meeting.

Afterwards, those that want to and have time, will gather at a location that we have yet to finalise, in order to have some light lunch and talk over all that has happened to date. A member of the DAG team will be there and he will be able to answer most questions. It will be a time to relax a bit , exchange ideas, information, contact details, make friends and generally keep moral high for the work that still lies ahead.
We can talk to each other and forge links that will be useful,

We are continuing our campaign on many fronts. This is just part of that much bigger campaign. None of us have been in this position before. But we have the will, and spirit to keep working untill we succeed in making the government of the IOM realise that they cannot get away with anything less than returning ALL our money! Anything less is theft by negligence !

Lastly, a suitable central location will be found at which those there on the evening of the 8th can meet for a drink and a chat .Maybe you can all have supper . I will e-mail that to everyone when it has been decided on.
So, please try to make it on the 9th!
The ferry trip costs £40 ( and if you want to leave your car at a secure car park near the docks it will cost £8 - info can be found on the ferry's website.
Please let me know by emailing me at moneyreturned(?)live [dot] co [dot] uk so I can keep track of the numbers.


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