Delayed forms & your postman

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Posted: Mon, 11/05/2009 - 19:27

Tomorrow I will sit at my gate and await the postman. If you can, please do the same, most of them will be sympathetic if you expalain what is happening. If he has an envelope posted from IoM, or ,A4 size from england?, I will ask him to sign & date it, printing his name & if he has one a number. If he has nothing in his bag, I will explain the problem & ask him to keep an eye out over the next few days- weeks? I am certain that almost all postmen would join our cause against injustice & be prepared to certify the date of delivery, even if we are absent. I will not bribe or tip him, but there will be a recompense for his present &, for my part, definite,future involvement in a legal procedure. If you join me it will go to the Hague.
Does this merit the loss of a day's pay? I think so, & more. Beware the fury of a quiet man Messrs Bell & Brown. ng I'm now going to ask you to do a survey on this scandal.

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