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Posted: Sat, 04/04/2009 - 14:56

Last year our dog of a bank was fatally run over by the HMG financial truck, driven by a politically uninsured driver and left at the side of the economic road to die. It died fairly quickly, and unfortunately in a most painful manner. In a bizarre twist, a large part of the dog was propelled to the UK, where it presently sits in an isolation ward on a drip. The Isle of Sham government refused to remove the dog from the road and afford it a decent burial, preferring to deliberate over the carcass to see which bits they wanted to keep and what they felt should be discarded. They held that, as the dog had been hit on their highway, they had the responsibility for it and ignored the pleas from its owners that they may be permitted to take possesion and give it the last rites.

So the dog remains at the side of the road, now something of a rotting carcass. The Isle of Sham government maintain that it should remain there as they claim they can coax it back to some form of zombie life and allow its owners to be awarded parts of it over the next few years as they deem fit.

This dog at the roadside is dead. The part of it in the UK has significant value, but will never be able to revive the dog. Our dog's carcass has been picked over long enough. I say let's give it a decent burial now and take what we are able to salvage from it.

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You've read it then?

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You've read it then?