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Posted: Mon, 30/03/2009 - 18:03

DCS vs SOA Can someone please break it down and explain it a simpler 'lay' language. After reading the commentary on the site, I am still not quite clear on the pros and cons of the two.. and moreover which one suite us all better. On the face of it the SOA scheme looks better to me as the DCS indicates that the most I can expect to get back is 50,000 GBP. I have a lot more money than that trapped in this bank and I want to get all my my money back and as soon as possible! When comes time to vote, I think we stand a better chance if we are united. What's the old saying, "there's power in numbers"

So please DAG team, DCS vs SOA in simpler language for us simple minded depositors!

thanks so much

Furious Lady

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