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Posted: Sun, 26/10/2008 - 00:47

Fabulous job on the list.

The re-compilation came at a good time, coinciding with London's request to leave off bombarding the media for now.

More to come - great. The groupings are a perfect analysis of what we need.

Thanks a million (or in my case a hundred and eighty thousand).

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er where are they?

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  • Sun, 26/10/2008 - 05:37

Where are they please?

I cant find them I have some more here- the member of the treasury commitee. Sorry Diver have tried to send them to you but i cant the site wont let me.
HI am finding it increasingly difficult to find anything here and when i do find it i can never find it again.

Andy love
lovea(?)parliament [dot] uk

collin breed
breedc(?)parliament [dot] uk

graham brady
bardyg(?)parliament [dot] uk

Jim cousins
cousinsj(?)parliament [dot] uk

John McFall chairman
mcfallj(?)parliament [dot] uk

John Thurso
thursoj(?)parliament [dot] uk

mark todd
toddm(?)parliament [dot] uk

michael fallon chair man
fallonm(?)parliament [dot] uk

nick ainger
aingern(?)parliament [dot] uk

Philip dunne
dunnep(?)parliament [dot] uk

Sally Keeble
keebles(?)parliament [dot] uk
sion simon
simon(?)parliament [dot] uk

Sir Peter viggers

treasury committee
treascom(?)parliament [dot] uk

Mat or someone

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  • Sun, 26/10/2008 - 11:31

I still cant get any joy with the contract lists
Where are they?
Clicking on Contract lists comes up with 'page not found'

Contact List

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  • Sun, 26/10/2008 - 11:52

Clicking on "Contact Lists " at top RHS of page (under "ALL,PLEASE SEE" )works for me