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Posted: Wed, 04/03/2009 - 11:39

I don't know about you but I have found getting into this site incredibly complex . I have been trying now for several weeks and even now I do not know how I managed it.
I don't know to whom I am talking; which if any, audience I am reaching,
I have sent repeated e-mails to No Reply/ ... etc for help as I wish to be more involved but received no contact or help.

There is a general presumption that we are all computer wizz kids and understand Blogs and so on. As many of the people involved in this are, like me, past the age of wanting to be embroiled in Computers and Computer Language would it not make sense to try a simple, more direct approach?
I sense that there is a low level of involvement from the many Depositors. Maybe its because they too are finding it difficult to get into the communication network .
Just look at this page, divided into so many splinter topics, groups, buzz words.

I just want to communicate with Everyone at One central place.
I have contributed my £100 which is 1/2 my weeky income. I'm trying but it is sooo difficult to feel part of the group.

Would someone, anyone, join hands with me to see if we cannot join hands with others with the same difficulties.
There has got to be a better way of communicating and , more importantly, supporting those who have dedicated so much time and effort so far.

stagered @ ppalace22(?)hotmail [dot] com
Now having written this how the hell do I get it into your view

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Easy communications

  • glen07
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  • Thu, 13/08/2009 - 08:22

Hi staggered. You are definately part of the KSFIOM DAG group by putting this comment on the site. It also shows you have as much computer acumen as quite a lot of us. So well done. If you look at the left, of the main page, you will see your sign in name with a list below it, starting with "Logout", "My ACCOUNT", ETC. If you look down the list you will see " Recent Posts". Click on this and you will find a list of new comments and topics, blogs, etc which you can look through. If you wish to add your comment, then just highlight "Add comment" and this will allow you to enter your opinion/information. If you want to contact a member, directly, then check on the comment and you will see "Posted - the date- the time and then the member's name. If you click on this name, a page will open up which has tabs ' "View", "Track" and "Contact". If you click "Contact" and the member has elected to be contactable, you can write a comment which will be emailed directly to the member. You may have to request that you can become their email contact, etc. Hope this helps with you being able to talk to anyone specific or with the site.

As far as groups are concerned, again, look down that list on the left of the main page and you will see "Groups". Click on this and a list of formed groups will appear. Join any that are relevant if you like. Some of them represent different geographical locations, different investments in KSFIOM, etc.

Good luck.


  • bobwin
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  • Wed, 04/03/2009 - 11:58

Staggered--i understand your frustration--I am ancient also but i was lucky to get up to speed about 10 years ago when i spent some time with an IT company.

It is easy when you know how of course.

Remotely, all I can suggest is you just keep clicking and don't log out, just close the window=page and when you come back you will be logged in.

Go to my unread--left side of page and have a look at what appeals to you.

You don't need to blog--just add a comment if you have something to say--hope this helps--curmudgeon in Davao