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Posted: Sun, 01/02/2009 - 00:22

The central DAG team has always known that my commitments outside of our cause are taking me overseas from mid February. We did think at one stage in our discussions with the IoM that they were capable of getting their house in order and that the hearing at the end of January would provide a more certain position for depositors. However, since the outcome of Thursday's court hearing indicates that our wait for proper information is going to go on beyond my departure date, the team are working to integrate new committed members and bring them up to speed with the happenings of the last 4 months in detail. In addition, since our legal advisers have given such impetus to our position especially in regard to IOMG, we will be giving a more visible voice to this legal advice to help ensure the DAG is kept informed over the next few important weeks. I would ask as a leaving request that you consider a further donation to our legal cause to enable this head of steam that has been created to see us through to the end.

Everything we have achieved to date has been as the result of a group of individuals working very closely together and not just the work of a single person. I may have been the more visible part of this group but you should be in no doubt that it was teamwork and equal input from all that has got us this far. Remember I was away for a month in December and everything continued in my absence. The main body of this team (which I believe to be amazing, but I’m biased) is not changing significantly in the short term and will continue with all the work they have been doing quietly behind the scenes. They may not have been as visible as I but they are certainly the key to any success we’ve had.

I will be representing the DAG at the TSC on Tuesday alongside other members of the team so that any transfer of responsibility is managed effectively and not does affect our long term goal of 100% return for depositors. I will remain in contact with the team to ensure continuity and to help out in any transition but I will not be dealing with individual DAG member concerns or queries and I will no longer be the team’s ‘presence’ on the site.

Should this 'limbo' for depositors continue after 19 February, we believe it will then be appropriate to devise a full blown constitution for the DAG with elected officials to represent the Group. The structure we have had up until now has suited our purpose and allowed us to address issues as quickly as they arose. However, if there is to be a longer, drawn out process, then it is important that the ‘leadership’ have a more robust mandate (as the poll on the site this evening demonstrates) to fall back on in the face of any restlessness within the DAG.

I believe the DAG is very lucky to have the current team working in their best interests and some will probably never know just how much of themselves they have given up for our cause. Those of you who have been so wonderfully supportive in your comments have played a big role in keeping this team going - please continue this great support as they really really deserve it and we need them to carry on fighting to get our money back. Thanks and good luck.

Please continue to donate whatever you can afford to:

A/C no. 02232861
Sort code 30-18-30
IBAN – GB91LOYD30183002232861

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Bon voyage and stay in touch!!

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  • Sun, 01/02/2009 - 05:26

Here, here to all that have said their gratitude to you over the past, horrible four months. Good luck wherever you go and bon voyage ( and better fortune than you've had of late!). Thank you for your effort and unpaid hours of work on our behalf. Do we have any idea who the face will be as your replacement? We have to hold on to something!!! I agree -we have to appear, now, more than any other time, as being a united front - fed up with delay tactics and lack of ethics. I wonder if there couod be a forum set up, for those less financially apt and bewildered by the events, of a simple action plan. Suggest who we should be writing to, venting our anger towards, constructive criticism. I have to say that all the forums, blogs, etc just leave me befuddled as suggestions for contact and actions are all over the website. Remember some of us are less financially apt or less computer literate than others and maybe a forum of suggested contacts ( and the reasons why), which can be added onto as time goes by can lead to more united communication of our efforts and cause. Good luck Diver!!!!

A thankful depositor


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  • Sun, 01/02/2009 - 03:09

Diver, that was indeed the message sent by the Deemster, but it is sometimes necessary to be a little circumspect about messages sent by judges in the course of proceedings. For example, if a judge has before him a party whose case is quite obviously hopeless, he will often bend over backwards to be kind and encourage him and give the gravest and most serious consideration to his arguments even when they are manifestly without merit. That is not out of malice, of course, but to minimise the possibility of his being wrongly perceived to have been prejudiced against the party that he knows must eventually lose.

This is not to suggest that we, the depositors, are in that position at all. But it is possible, for example, that the Deemster has perceived that we will inevitably get shafted by the IOM government and does not wish to be seen at this stage to have gone easy on them. Just a cautionary note.

elgee.. read and understood! No let-up

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  • Sun, 01/02/2009 - 09:12

The team certainly don't intend to become complacent.
We aren't there yet! We must all keep the pressure up.

Diver? Is Mauritius your next destination?

  • Alan Mauritius
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  • Sun, 01/02/2009 - 11:54

If you are coming to Mauritius to work, let me know. You will have a good reception here!

Grand Master
Mauritius Hash House Harriers

...and if you don't know what this organisation is or does - you should. We are all over the world...and still broke!!