Can anyone do some research?

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Posted: Tue, 03/11/2009 - 10:56

A couple of people have joined this group so far, I was hoping for more but maybe it's not going to happen.

So, to set the ball rolling - a good place to look for a service provider is probably

A basic break down of needs:

  1. Hosting of Drupal and underlying services (MySQL, email, etc.). No particular need to change this - we are hosted at a UK provider - and a new maintainer can simply take over that account. Ongoing costs could probably be reduced by moving, but the process of moving could be relatively high cost.

  2. Administration and management of the server and systems. This includes things like installing security updates, checking systems, backups, etc. Also, fixing things if something goes wrong, which might happen as a result of system failure, intrusion, failed upgrade installation, etc.

  3. Administration of the Drupal configuration. Could be split out from (2) as does not require such in depth technical experience but does require specific Drupal knowledge.

  4. Technical support and help to members. Problems are usually basic, e.g. "can't login", "how do I upload a file?".

The above four areas could be handled by four different providers/individuals. A more detailed description of needs in is included here.

I suspect one problem that we may hist in trying to identify providers is that we have no legal identity, companies may not be too interested. Individuals (freelancers etc.) may be, but might (understandably) want up-front payment.

Anyway, feel free to do some research and post findings and opinions here. Thanks!

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Hi ng,

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  • Sat, 14/11/2009 - 00:20

Currently the site seems to be being used.
As such until, and if, a complete migration to the new DAG site is accomplished I believe it is is our interests to keep the site going.
I-m currently pre=occupied trying to buy a ¿very? small farm. Within the next two weeks I-ll come back and talk.
The "common good" .......... Why so few....

An aside : never before have I used a -blog-. It has been a very interesting experience, very interesting. I-ve personally been plumbing depths of drunken hopelessness. I couldn-t believe the tolerance, nor the stupidity.

One way or another we need to keep pressure up on IoMG et al. Whatever it takes. like I said my task, of survival, should take about two more weeks. After that I-ll check in positively. I have a hope that slowly now we might we able to become -one-. It just might take some time. Until such time we need this site.

regards, and thanks for your tolerance,