Bank collapse could happen again in IOM - Tynwald Select Committee

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Posted: Wed, 14/07/2010 - 14:34

Bank collapse could happen again
Date Posted: 14/Jul/2010 15:11
By: Manx Radio

There is no guarantee there won't be another Kaupthing-style bank collapse in the Isle of Man.

That's the view of Rushen MHK Juan Watterson who is chairman of a Tynwald Select Committee looking into the circumstances of the failure of the Icelandic bank in 2008.

He was presenting interim findings of the inquiry to Tynwald when he was asked by Onchan MHK Peter Karran if it could happen again.

Mr Watterson said no-one could rule it out

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Of course this is correct. We understand don't we?

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The IoM is not an independent financial jurisdiction, It is completely an offshore dependent of the UK.
That is what the the depositors of KSFUK(IoM) missed.
The IoMG are lying bastards. They sought to arbitrage this relationship without taking responsibility for it repercussions prior to the crash,
They are "scum".
They know they are scum, theat is why they don't say anything.
But they have profited unduly from our deposits.
Doherty et al are the lowest of the low. "Scum" doesn't get close to a description of their morals.

The IOMG knows it is a whore.

It smiles in the face if it's own humiliation.

These IoM figures are so mediocre and so corrupt that they are able to smile whilst they contribute to performances of 'Gilbert and Sullivan'.

It is a rather grand question, and no doubt Señor Mike Simpson is smiling whilst he sucks approbation from his wife about his work.

Yes Michael, you chew your salary. But you know, don't you ,that you are a whore?