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Posted: Sun, 02/08/2009 - 11:29

Reply from MP John Leech (Withington, Manchester) Liberal

Many thanks for the message that you sent to my website and I am sorry for not replying sooner. Attached is a copy of the response that I received from the Treasury in reponse to the concerns that I raised with them about your case. I would be interested to receive your feedback about it and whilst I don’t think that it is particularly helpful, the links that it contains may be of some use.

As regards the difficulties that you have experienced in opening a UK bank account I will contact the Financial Services Authority to ask what they are doing to help people in circumstances like yours to open bank accounts.

If you are still in Chorlton, M21, I have a surgery at Cholton Methodist Church (opposite Oswald Rd) on Saturday from 11.00 – 12.00 which you are of course more than welcome to attend or alternatively we could speak over the phone or in person on another date if Saturday is not convenient and you would like to discuss this further.

Kind regards

John Leech

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Although not shown, I assume

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Although not shown, I assume the reply Mr. Leech received from HMT was the standard glib response they have trotting out ever since KSFIoM was placed into liquidation. I would certainly be interested if OzDepositor IOM does manage to meet with/ talk to Mr. Leech, what he has to say about this debacle as the opposition parties have been conspicuously silent in their supportof our cause.