529 Million a Conspiracy or Cover up?

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Posted: Mon, 13/04/2009 - 10:56

There has been an enormous amount of work done by a group of dedicated DAG members to have all our money returned. Hundreds of letters and e-mails have been written, TV and newspapers have been targeted, MPs have been approached and a very recently a well planned demonstration on IoM. But, have we really achieved anything? Please don’t think I am being disparaging, far from it. The key to our success has always been the return of the 529 million being held by UK Gov. Consider and perhaps concentrate on the following observations which may offer a new approach.

All of you who watched the TSC interrogations will have observed that most of the people who were being interviewed were less that economical with the truth. We would all like to believe that our politicians were honest and dedicated to the public they have chosen to serve but sadly, in my experience, this has never been the case. We would all like to believe that the people who we entrust to look after our money are honest and beyond reproach. We now know that this too is not the case. So let us consider the possibility that the politicians may have been colluding with the bankers.

What are the facts?

The IOM Gov have not demanded that the UK Gov return the 529 Million. Why?

The FSC IoM have not demanded that the UK Gov return the 529 Million. Why?

The board of directors of KFS IoM did not seek the return of the 529 Million and prevent the bank from receivership. Why?

The provisional administrator did not seek the return of the 529 Million. Why?

The KFSIoM depositors were not allowed representation on the winding up of KFS UK. Why?

The IoM Gov rejected a possible offer of financial help from UK Gov? Why? This action alone would indicate that IoM Gov have something to hide? What is it?

None of the actions listed above represent normal or logical behaviour. Not one of the parties involved seem to be bothered or have made any attempt to intervene or negotiate and yet, they all have something to lose. For example, IoM Gov are now saddled with a huge debt which is unnecessary. Why are they prepared to accept the status quo when they have a way out?

Find an answer to these and you may have a solution.

In the early stages of the failure it was reported that HM The Queen had money in KSF UK but was it London or IoM? If she did, was it all returned?

My own conclusions are simple, the money was moved for one of two reasons. Either, to ensure a depositor of dignitary status, did not suffer a financial loss or, much more likely, there was a cover up by IoM which they did not want the UK Gov to discover.


Perhaps someone will clarify this for me. Is the 529 Million being used to pay out the depositors and creditors of KSF UK?

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Sants blames Brown

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  • Mon, 13/04/2009 - 14:13

You might like to read and comment on this article in The TImes. Seems Hugo Sants has decided G Brown isn't all that he cracks himself up to be either. Cracks in the ranks?