22nd January DEADLINE ??

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Posted: Wed, 21/01/2009 - 17:42

What, if anything, is going to happen tomorrow - the deadline for affadavits in response to those of 15th January?

There seems to be a great SILENCE about this - which surprises me. I've been waiting for something to be announced - but so far nothing.

As I understand it, Ziggy's 'trio' and our IOM advocate John Wright are notified parties and as such have the right to deposit affidavits to the court by tomorrow. I presume they are going to make use of this right? It would be good to have some idea of their intentions. I appreciate that there may be a problem of not wanting to divulge sensitive information to other parties, but this means that we too are left uncomfortably in the dark. Maybe something could be sent by email, at least to those of us who are supporting parties of 'Ziggy's list'?

There has been no update from John Wright since 17 December. It would be good to know whether he is still working for us and if so in what directions.

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What is going on ???

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  • Thu, 22/01/2009 - 20:46

Until yesterday, there was a forthcoming deadline for submissions to the court. By this morning, this had quietly disappeared - and then (apart from an affidavit by M. Simpson) ... NOTHING!!!

It is now 20.30 GMT on 22 Jan and the deadline must be well passed on IOM. I cannot understand why no-one else seems to care about this. Have I missed something that everyone else knows?

What - if anything - has been submitted, and if nothing, why not. We deserve to know.

Until now trusting, I am beginning to lose confidence in the DAG and in those who are supposedly negotiating for us. I hope someone can help to restore my trust.

22nd January DEADLINE

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  • Wed, 21/01/2009 - 17:52

You are quite correct. There has been a vacuum of information as to whether the "Team" is going to file an affidavit in response to those filed by Treasury last week.

However, it is almost certainly too late now for anyone outside the "Team" to have any input into either the decision as to whether to file or its contents (if there is one), and of course we will find out by 3:30pm tomorrow what if anything has been deposed on behalf of DAG.