Kaupthing hf

DST Update re Individual Claims under the Parental Guarantee

Posted 02/10/2010 - 11:53 by anrigaut

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A third and final 'batch' of individual claims under the PG was rejected in September.

Objections to Kaupthing Winding Up Committee decision

Posted 02/05/2010 - 01:34 by tonycBrisbaneOz

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I recently received a letter from the Winding up committee, rejecting my claim (surprise!). The objection process looks as if it's straightforward.

Edwin Coe LLP write to the Winding up Committee of Kaupthing hf

Posted 29/12/2009 - 20:40 by Anonymous

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Edwin Coe LLP have today, 29th December 2009, written to the Winding up Committee on depositors behalf.

URGENT from DST re Parental Guarantee

Posted 22/12/2009 - 14:06 by anrigaut

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Please see here

Kaupthing chief named as suspect in fraud investigation

2009-10-10 23

Sigurdur Einarsson under scrutiny by Icelandic prosecutors for Qatari investment made shortly before bank's collapse

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FSC chief reflects on period of 'exceptional turbulence'

2009-08-06 23

FSC chief executive John Aspden describes 2008/09 as a 'period of exceptional turbulence that tested all aspects of financial regulation, as well as the soundness of the financial sector, to the full'.

A number of core banks had to be recapitalised or otherwise supported by their parent governments and 'some official responses came close to knee-jerk' leading to a 'situation which remains heavily distorted pending recovery', he added.

Mr Aspden says it was 'acutely disappointing' that in times of high stress supervisors often look inwards and prioritise action mainly for internal protection within their own jurisdictions.

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Strange loans to the owners of Kaupthing bank in Iceland

2009-03-07 02

This news item was mentioned in a some forum by a stalwart, but at this moment I can't remember who.
Looks like there is a future in debt collecting.
And of course we have a mention of another British Dependency tax haven.

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Kaupthing HF and Mosaic. Britain, shop until you drop.

Posted 15/03/2009 - 07:35 by follow_the_tao

2009-02-28 02

And how much do these directors still have?
Not to mention IoM politicians and FSC employees?
And of course "208".

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Kaupthing Hf and Tchenguiz (Private Equity cowboy) and British High Street.

Posted 15/03/2009 - 06:53 by follow_the_tao

2009-02-07 02

How do you fancy an overdraft of 643m GBP?

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