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Serious Fraud Office to probe Icelanders

Posted 21/12/2009 - 11:40 by anrigaut

2009-12-19 (All day)

A FAILED bank which took on accounts from a Derbyshire Building Society subsidiary is being investigated by the Serious Fraud Office.

Savers were left out of pocket when, in December 2007, the building society passed on their accounts to Icelandic bank Kaupthing, which then collapsed.

Kaupthing is now being investigated by the serious fraud office which particularly wants to find out if the bank was making "misrepresentations or false representations" in a push to attract UK investors.

But the fraud office was unable to confirm whether the Kaupthing subsidiary, Kaupthing Isle of Man, which took on the Derbyshire Building Society accounts would be part of the investigation.

One of those affected by Kaupthing Isle of Man's collapse was Susan Soar, 57, of Barnsley, who had poured £200,000 into the account – most of which she has not got back.

She said: "I feel aggrieved that another Christmas is coming and I don't have the money back. I'm pleased this investigation has begun and I hope they look into Kaupthing Isle of Man as well."

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Nightmare for bank victims

2009-11-05 (All day)

FORMER savers with the Derbyshire Building Society – who fear they have lost thousands of pounds because of the Icelandic banking crisis – took to the streets of Buxton last week in protest.

The campaigners waved placards outside the Spring Gardens branch of The Derbyshire, calling for an end to the financial nightmare which has left them massively out of pocket.

They, along with thousands of other savers, held accounts with an Isle of Man-based subsidiary, Derbyshire Offshore.

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DAG in Derbyshire 9 October

Posted 10/10/2009 - 12:30 by anrigaut

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My personal account of the DAG protest against our treatment by the Derbyshire BS can be seen at

Expat victims of crash count cost

2009-10-05 23

“Not one British saver has lost a single penny.” That was how the Prime Minister summed up the banking crisis to last week’s Labour conference.

The UK Shareholders Association was quick to point out that “all savers have lost out from the financial crisis in banks and the impact it has had on the wider economy”.

But Gordon Brown has conveniently blanked the thousands of British savers who woke up a year ago this week to find their life savings had been seized by the UK Government – and have yet to be returned.

Many have lost six-figure sums, some because they had large amounts on deposit following property sales. There has been human distress among retirees, families and single people who have lost much of what they worked for, and at least one suicide.

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DAG in Derbyshire - 9 Oct - Duffield - local information

Posted 06/10/2009 - 09:42 by coldlightofday

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Here is some information about Duffield for the DAG anniversary event in Derbyshire on 9th October

Venue: Duffield Hall
Time: 11.00am at Duffield, follow up at Derby

Derbyshire protest

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Details of the protest event planned for 9 October in Duffield and Derby are posted here:


Posted 05/10/2009 - 19:10 by anrigaut

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The DAG anniversary event in Derbyshire is all set to go and the press are on to it. See here:

Derbyshire savers still millions out of pocket 12 months on

2009-10-04 23

SAVERS whose money was passed on by a Derbyshire Building Society subsidiary to an Icelandic bank which then collapsed are still millions of pounds out of pocket a year on.

Now they are so incensed by how the Derbyshire handled their cash that they are to protest outside its headquarters. They want an apology and an acceptance that while it has not broken any rules, it has let down investors. They are being backed by MP Mark Todd.

The Derbyshire says it has tried to secure a "positive solution" for all adversely affected investors but refused to comment on the protest.

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DAG in Derbyshire 9 October - DETAILS

Posted 29/09/2009 - 09:06 by anrigaut

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DAG in Derbyshire, 9 October

Here are the details of the DAG anniversary event, to be held in Derbyshire, one year to the day after the demise of KSFIOM.


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As a group we have the possibility of expressing our views on the SoA affidavit which can be found here;

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