Wunch of Bankers.. New song

Posted 14/08/2009 - 08:14 by Nixi

Bit rough and ready.. but there's a version up on MySpace now at www.MySpace.com/ManxAlchemy

Wunch of Bankers!

I worked for years to save enough to live the way I please
I’m not what you’d call extravagant; I live within my means.
I’m not relying on state hand-outs for my retirement plan;
I put my money for safe keeping in a bank on the Isle of Man.
If I’d wanted to take a gamble and risk getting divorced,
I’d have put it on the stock market or bet it on a horse!

Manx Bank you shrank my money and sank it down a hole.
You put half of it in London which you say the English stole
When they bust the banks in Iceland, which may very well be true,
But YOU had it last and lost it, so I’m coming after you!

In September, I remember, we opened our account.
Put two hundred thousand dollars in but now can’t get it out!
In October it was over, Mr Darling pulled the plug
And burst Iceland’s bubble like a petty playground thug.
Half the assets that my bank sent from the Isle of Man
To a sister bank in London went swirling down the pan!

Mr Doherty himself said he would keep our money safe:
“We’ve got a guarantee, you see, and are rated triple A”
That’s A for the asinine mistakes that you made,
A for the apathetic answers that you gave,
A for the arrogance with which you broke the rules:
Gambled with our money and took your customers for fools!

11 months later, we’re still waiting for even 10%
Of the money that belongs to us so we can pay the rent.
While the Isle of Man and England and Iceland play a game;
Pointing fingers, passing buck to see who’ll take the blame.
Even I can see the blame is shared between all three
And every month accountants take out millions in fees!

So if you’ve saved some money up for a rainy day,
To keep you from the storms of life when you reach a certain age...
Those rainy days could easily come much sooner than you plan
If all your money should happen to be in a bank on the Isle of Man!
They’ll say they’ve got a guarantee and a compensation scheme.
They’re just a wunch of bankers and they’re lying in their teeth!

Still working on the tune...

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