Posted 23/03/2009 - 07:50 by upthecreek

Why are we so quiet? Are we all sitting back until April the 9th?,

Other countries would have been up in arms now if they had been treated as we have. Look at what other countries do In the news:-,

"AIG activists representing working and middle class families decended on the lavish homes of American International Group executives to protest at the millions of pounds in bonuses awarded by the struggling insurance company, about 40 arrived.",

I think we should demonstrate also, either in the Isle of Man or in London. There must be lots of us out there who could get to London, or the Isle of Man, lets get on TV let the world know that putting your money in the Isle of Man is dangerous. The Isle of Man have recently been to exhibitions all over the world touting for the wealthy to deposit on their Island, let's tell them the truth, Deposit in the Isle of Man, where they take your money, and say they have a 100% guarantee on it, that guarantee must be, that you DON'Tget it back.,

it's not a bog off offer, it's a bog all offer.

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