What's in a name?

Yes, as everyone leaves DAG with their 100% paybacks, we will miss you. As others have said, we looked forward to hearing from you all when we felt very low, especially in those early years when we couldn't believer our own bad luck. THANKS TO YOU ALL - IF YOU DECIDE TO HAVE A KNEES-UP IN MAURITIUS LET US KNOW!!!

We should have had our 100% back, but a couple of double payments (for a JOINT Account) didn't make it to our bank. Our bank say they can't trace something that didn't originate with them (quite reasonable), and email request to our Kaupthing 'friendly bank' have ended with no replies. If anyone can advise out there, please email back: grihault(?)intnet [dot] mu (Alan Mauritius).

Thanks again for 6.5 year worth of support!!

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