What's the difference between a Blog entry and a Forum or Group entry? (UPDATED)

Posted 08/11/2008 - 16:44 by ng

Blog and Forum postings are different types of content. Two other types are News items and Polls.

A Blog entry is very similar to a Forum entry. The differences are really just terminology and that the system treats them slightly differently. But fundamentally they are the same - just postings made by a particular person. Only when viewed collectively (all postings made by one person) to they really become a Blog. So basically the difference is the way that the information is presented to the reader, little more. The difference between a Forum and Group posting is along the same lines - mainly a matter of presentation.

A Group is an area where posts can be made such their are visible to a specific group of people, typically those who had opted to join that Group. Any content type (e.g. polls) can be set so that they can only be posted to a group rather than publicly.


Currently, individuals are allowed to edit and delete their Blog entries. So, this is another difference, though only in the way that we have configured the system in terms of users' access, not because these features are inherent to Blog entries specifically. All Blog entries currently have comments disabled, so each is a bit like a personal notice. Thus the entire Blog a monologue, otherwise it would be much like a Forum.

I had planned to allow individuals to enable or disable comments for their Blog but it turns out that I can't provide that without activating further features in the CMS which I'd prefer not to do at the moment (things are complex enough already!) Comments can be activated by Site Editors if they're needed on individual entries.

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