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Posted 11/11/2008 - 17:57 by skintagainnow

A blog, not composed one of these before, that said never attempted to take on three governments simultaneously either, how many of us have. I don't see too much relevance in referring to the past, what is done is done, the way forward is our prime concern.

I do have certain views on how to achieve a more favourable outcome to our circumstances and these can be found in many of the posts I have made to the group, our first priority must be to have a single focal point with sufficient authority to liaise directly with PWC and the representatives of the other major stakeholders.

How do we achieve this :- please view this thread where I have outlined my thoughts, I will however address a couple of points highlighted in the questions -

I do not propose an advocate to instigate legal proceedings at this time, discussion and negotiation are the way forward, litigation may be required at a future date, I simply can't answer that based on the present information.

Why do we need an advocate instead of a group member, an individual has no real legal standing, although he / she may report they have the full backing of £XXm's of depositors funds legally they would be challenged. Once appointed and acting for a group of signatories an advocate however can report he has the voting power of those signatories. As the major creditor this will enable our voice and views to be heard and notice taken of our requirements by all parties, whether creditor or liquidator.

Why do we need a group member to work alongside the advocate, many decisions will need to be taken by a group vote, due to the very nature of this group we are spread out over many time zones in a variety of countries, we can not expect or afford an advocate or their office staff to sift through 3000 emails / faxes / letters respond to each with the views of others and await replies. The group member/s must be responsible for correlating the views of the group and relaying the majority opinion to the advocate, they must also relay information back to the group, some of this information may be sensitive to our case and therefore in some circumstances not suitable for open forum debate.

Why should my views and thoughts be taken over those of others, quite simply they shouldn't, everyone in this forum has the right to challenge anything I or anyone else writes. However I do feel that a challenge to any view / action taken by members should be in the form of a question or the forwarding of an alternative view / action, not simply a negative or derogatory comment to the poster. Problems are just issue's waiting for answers, and no problems however daunting are insurmountable if the will is there to create the answer. The forum is here for the benefit and assistance of all, some members may be able to understand a certain point or method of operation easier than others, therefore explanations of these should be attempted in all cases.

How is this affecting you, very much the same as everyone else in the initial stages devastated, angry at myself, at the governments, at the world, in fact anyone that came within arms reach, my deposit is everything I have in a single place and I still haven't come to terms with the full implications of what the potential loss could mean. However with the help of the group and it's fantastic achievements to date I have remained focused on the very positive elements that are emanating from several sources, within and external to the group. Of course there are times when the frustration and anger still boil over and like the safety valve on a pressure cooker a bit of pressure is vented, possibly the direction of that vent could be better. I am a very independent person, reliant on my own opinions / actions and fully accept any resposibilities for those actions and or resultant consequence that may or may not follow.

What makes you think we will achieve a positive outcome, quite simple we have within our ranks whether ex or current, Accountants, Legal guru's, Whitehall staff, Negotiators, Administration, PR, to name but a few, some are focused others have lateral thought patterns, one government must have a positive outcome, the negative may ruin. What more do we need.

Other ways forward, our success to date has been a tremendous effort by not only the London and IoM teams, do not forget the excellent work of the IT guys and all the support elements feeding information and directions to the two teams. As Diver rightly pointed out a couple of days ago "we are now in the crucial stages", the next couple of weeks are absolutely decisive, we must remain focused and quickly plan a strategy to run concurrent with the negotiations. We must also explore new ways to assist those group members less fortunate than others, not just in monetary terms but also in helping them understand the issue's that have already arisen so they can formulate their own opinions and direct actions that are most suitable to their circumstances.

13~11~2008 the last few hrs of KSF IoM a depositors view.....

well started of as just a plain simple update to the blog, but after bl88dy vista decided to do it's own update and 4 hrs work lost, thought I do something a bit different.

Now not an update, I'll try and get that done later today.

However in the mean time thought I'd just share some amusing (ah hum) moments from the last few hrs of KSF IoM.

We were returning to UK on a visit, the main reason of this visit was to purchase a caravan / motorhome to live in with a degree of comfort at the property in France over the winter months. In France I tend to cut myself off from the outside world, it's the start of a major building project hence no amenities, no TV, no telephones no internet don't even go into town and pick up UK newspapers. Thus prior to the ferry crossing, I had no idea of what was happening outside the radius of the property, never mind in the great wide world of finance. My partner of 20 years and I had the usual banter and jostling as we left the car and made our way up to the lounge on a direct heading for the bar, as you do after any 3 hr drive and an hours wait to board, halfway through asking if she wanted coffee or something stronger, a double take at the headline on the UK newspaper stood almost in numb disbelieve, riveted to the spot, the eeeeeeeee on the end of coffee the only sound, bold type seemingly magnified 20x across the head of the paper KSF UK closed. By this time we had just left Le Havre and it was roughly 17.30 >17.45 French time Wednesday the 8th October, mobile phone on the charger and with the laptop, are in the car locked on car deck 5 with at least 5 hrs before I can get at them. Now I know enough about about boats and how to get around them, in and out of various places passengers shouldn't venture... should I take this risk, what will the crew do if I'm caught, can't throw me off that's for sure. My partner who had by this time read and digested the whole article, women, why have they got to be so pernickety about these things, carefully and with well chosen words of very few syllables pointed out, this in fact didn't mention the IoM, it all related to the UK and the statements of those wonderful chaps in our government Mr Darling and Mr Brown. Carefully wrenching the paper from her grasp and receiving a swift kick for my troubles, speed read, digest and disseminate, further scrutiny with several scans of the article, clearly she was right, don't you just hate that everytime, the report did not mention KSF IoM, it did go into further details of the rescue package and that well beloved statement "no British saver will lose over the Icelandic banks failure". Now I have to say at this point I have a hefty scepticism of any politicians statement and a Labour one at that, well, was I reassured not in the slightest. I'm not usually given to panic or rash thoughtless gestures, posturing or thoughts of mindless violence towards my fellow passengers but the remainder of the ferry trip I doubt whether an intravenous drip of caffeine and nicotine could have supplied additional levels to those achieved by the more traditional methods. Regular trips to the a**e end (technical term for stern), looking down just a couple of decks below was the open level leading to the main car decks, 20>30 years ago wouldn't have been a problem, find a rope over the rails slide down, find the car, laptop bag tied to back, mobile secured in pocket shin back up again no problem. These days right knee shot, left knee on it's way out, ancient injury's from the days of rugby, squash, motor sports followed by copious quantities of alcohol, never sure whether the damage was done on or off the field and a minor lower spinal injury thanks to a wind over tide, 2,500 sq ft of sail on a swinging boom and being in the wrong place at the wrong time, ultimate decision of mimicking a milk tray advert, Nah, have another fag & coffee, far better survival chances.

21.25 still steaming up the solent to Portsmouth, muttering various curses under the breath whilst hammering on the electronically locked watertight door, should have been disembarked by now, fellow passengers shuffling nervously trying to clear a wide space around whilst attempting to maintain their own dignity with eyeballs locked firmly on the bare steel deck, my partner god bless her cotton socks stood quietly waiting with an air innocence throughout. Doors finally open and with all thoughts of former injuries gone mad dash for the car, doors open grab mobile, no frigging signal "8888" into the rear, throw everything out grab laptop, "check battery "100%" life saver,,, engine running ready for the off --- and ready ---- and ready, knuckles whitening around the wheel, teeth firmly clenched, the pressure building up as line after line of vehicles drive off, finally the line on our right moves off, start wondering and muttering, if there's enough space fore & aft to get out and join them or does the little vito have enough grunt to move that bloody Patrol in front, why didn't I buy the V6 instead of the 2.3 - bet the V6 would have the grunt, if we'd brought the land rover low ratio's would have shifted the bu88er. Absolute silence from the passenger side, now under normal circumstances that silence and steady forward gaze warns all who know, to shut up and stop being an prat, this night - not a chance - but saved for the time being as the Patrol inches forward.

21.45 finally off the ferry, yet another queue waiting to go through customs, passports ready she hands them over friendly chat with the chap in the booth, security guy poking at the remnants of cases and bags scattered over the floor and seats in the rear, finger of blame from the passenger seat coupled with that look only a woman can give, the strips varnish at 20 paces one well I had to find the laptop didn't I security slides the door closed quietly and waves us through.

21.50 screeched to a halt outside the main building of Portsmouth university, laptop up and running, frantically waiting for a wi-fi signal, got one wants WAP key - bu88er it, thought all universities had free wi-fi, foot flat on the boards again into the nearest housing estate - someone will have an open router here - plenty of wi-fi signals, not a single open port, 45 mins later and battery at 50% and falling and still no more than 2 miles from the ferry terminal. Fuel gauge is starting to look pretty gruesome - maybe something to do with the Nigel Mansell style of driving but in a vito around the back streets of Portsmouth. Right calm rational thought is required here, I've given it my best shot, time to give up, look around, dimly lit back streets a couple of gangs hanging around on the street corners, still stony silence from the passenger seat, ah well at least we're safe even tyson would think twice with that look what chance does a few hoodies have, first where the hell are we, get tomtom on, fuel's a good idea, head for the M27.

22.35 right on the M27, off again 2 junctions ahead into Tesco's fill up with fuel, chirpy question to the passgener seat do we need anything from the shop, stony silence,,

22.45 back on the M27 head towards Southampton, then up to Newbury, find one of those motorway hotel chain places and crash out.

22.50 voice from the passenger seat, the mobile phone is an internet one, you could connect it to laptop with the thingymajingy cable. Stunned silence from the driving seat, ???///£££££&&&&&#### didn't I think of that. Junction whatever on the left *0mph swerve over three lanes (did check the mirror first officer honest) up the slip road, noses pressed firmly against the windscreen as the ABS and traction control took over on the loose surface at the hard shoulder of the slip road.

22.55 mobile hooked up to laptop via USB online YES!! KSF IoM secure log in, it's still ONLINE, battery meter at 35%, heart pounding, but smile from ear to ear, balance screen, transfers hit the button £,.** press enter, default screen sorry this facility can only transfer a maximum of £10,000.00, not thinking too clear at this stage adrenalin levels high, f**k it, get 10K out, change the value to £10,000.00 hit enter, accepted your transfer is pending. Big sigh of relief laptop battery meter flashing, now think clear - what did I do wrong ~ yes I hit the BACS button not the CHAPS - back in. Hit transfers, click CHAPS screen black, little green bar with hibernating under &&&@@@@###### glare around at which direction should I throw the laptop, catch the eyes glaring back from the passenger seat, think better not throw the laptop - first sensible decision for a few hours.

23.00 mobile phone thrust in hand JUST USE THIS,, somewhat subdued by now, meekly take the mobile I hate the dammed things, worst thing ever invented and try and get in using this tiny 2x1 inch screen and those poxy little buttons for keys aaarrrgghh, but perseverance prevails and finally CHAPS check twice just to make sure type in the numbers £,.** leave a couple of hundred in, just in case, you never know, everything could be alright, hit the accept, accepted your transaction is pending.. Whhooppiieee

Oh Me, Oh My how @~/\XX wrong can you get....

14th November 2008

Firstly I would like to thank everyone for their emails, it's great to have contact with you guys and thx for the offers of support. As many of you are now aware I am not a member of either team, in the initial stages due to personal circumstances, I could not guarantee to offer a continued support to any team or task, therefore felt it unfair to volunteer then almost immediately retract that offer. Although I have maintained contact with team members and of course on the site. My home (for what it is) is in France, when I initially came back to UK on the 8th, the intention was a fleeting visit before returning alone to the project. However as we are all aware events overtook and 4 weeks later, still here, the benefits of hindsight.
Now and possibly more so than ever, I still could not guarantee that a return to France and liquidation of some of the assets would not be imminent. In France as detailed in this blog (under 13/11/2008) and in other forum postings I have no telephones, internet or indeed other basic amenities therefore effectively "cut off from daily contact", thus any required tasks necessitating external contact would be impossible to manage effectively.
I'm busy on a draft proposal for the group, this should be ready for addition here later today (14th).

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