Videos - storage for re-use and re-publication

Posted 03/08/2009 - 10:48 by ng

I suggest that your videos should also be uploaded here in original format (e.g. avi, mpg or similar) so that they can be re-used. For example:

  • Others could download your videos and use parts to make a compilation video
  • Others could re-upload your video elsewhere.
  • Videos could be used by TV reporters etc for general broadcast.

The version alone is not sufficient, as it's low quality, difficult to obtain a local copy, and there are potential copyright complications.

Technical restrictions

Disk-space on the server is limited, and videos are large files which could have a significant impact on our server space and backup procedures. So I need to restrict just who can upload large files in order to avoid potential problems - running out of disk space would cause our web-sites to grind to a halt! No big deal though, just a matter of proper control rather than allowing anybody free access to upload large files (the facility could otherwise be abused by unfriendly parties.)

Suggested procedure

  • Request disk space - send me a message telling me the size of the file you need to upload.
  • Post a blog entry, briefly describing the video and upload the video as an attachment
  • Alternatively, if you have the ability to do so (e.g. private web-space) upload your file elsewhere and link to it from your blog entry here.
  • Use the tag video in the TAGS field of the blog entry - this will allow all such tagged entries to be found at
  • For copyright (freedom of) purposes, include in the blog entry a statement that as the owner of the material you are placing it in the public domain - see below - so that others can use your video for broadcast etc. If for some reason you want to retain copyright of your material, then include your own copyright notice instead.

Sample copyright-release statement (obtained from

To the extent possible under law, Name-goes-here has waived all copyright and related or neighbouring rights to Title-goes-here. This work is published from United Kingdom.

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