UK bank Accts

Posted 06/02/2009 - 08:01 by cypheath

Info for anyone interested in opening UK accounts and planning a trip to UK. May be difficult for those of you not able/not wanting to go to UK!

Existing Lloyds/TSB and First Direct accts. both have allowed conversion to joint accounts, thus doubling up on DCS.
Barclays International (London, Knightsbridge Branch) gives you UK DSC, insist not offshore!.
Yorkshire Bank allowed us to open accts. All have internet/telephone banking and full £50K each UK DCS. Interest rates not gr8 but none are now, hopefully safe though, which I think is more important than anything right now!!!!!!!!
We did all this when we went back to UK for Xmas as you will need certification of passport, foreign address via utilities or recent bank/c card statement.
For First Direct they would accept HSBC certification if there is one in your country of residence, or a solicitor.
They all accept R105 or equivalent for non UK resident tax status, none make any entry or running charge.
Hope somebody finds this helpful as it took quite a lot of leg work to get this far!

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