Treasurer's Blog: 17th April Update

Posted 17/04/2009 - 18:54 by David9J

Dear All,

I believe that I have now sent out receipts to all donors whose donations were received from the time I started as Treasurer on 5th March up to those received by 9th April. If anyone thinks that they donated in this time frame and have nor received an email receipt from me then please email me at finance(?)ksfiomdepositors [dot] org and I will be happy to correct any omissions. Of course I will continue to acknowledge new donations as they come in. I am away from home for a few days so donations sent by cheque since just before Easter will take a bit longer for me to get to.

As I have said before I cannot acknowlege all donations sent before 5th March because they are too numerous and I do not have complete information. However, if anyone is particularly anxious to get a receipt please fill out the donation form on the public site and I will certainly do my best to track the item down and confirm receipt where I can. The form can be found here:

Because the DAG team were focused very much on the 9th April hearings I was not able to register the limited company before Easter, but this will be done in the next couple of weeks. The accounting system is fully operational.

A DAG Team blog is currently being prepared for posting very soon which will contain some information about our fund raising progress.

[Edit 19th April: Please see the paragraphs on Fund Raising near the bottom of the DAG Strategy Team Blog of 19th April: We need everyone who has put their name to the legal action to donate if you can possibly afford to.]

Many thanks for all your emails and letters, and above all for your donations!

Keep the faith!


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