taxing problem

Posted 31/12/2008 - 08:23 by Anonymous

Does anyone caught up in the KSF debacle have the same problem that I am about to face? Come 31st January, the United Kingdom Inland Revenue will be expecting me to make my bi-annual tax payment. But the earnings that created the need to pay tax to the UK government are currently inaccessible for obvious reasons. I have some small savings in KSF but also my current account is there so I have no liquid funds whatever that I can use. Borrowing money to pay the tax bill is a non-starter because who wants to lend to a pensioner with no money? Apart from my mortgage long ago paid off, I’ve never borrowed money before but even if that were possible, I would then be paying vast amounts of interest on a loan that I need but don’t want. And if I don’t pay up by 31st Jan, then interest will be levied by the Inland Revenue on the outstanding sum. Seems a tad unfair to me considering that the Treasury already effectively holds everything I own and while they do so I’m not receiving any interest from them. Perhaps I should write to Alistair Eyebrows and tell him that, since he believes I am banking in a tax haven, perhaps he will be kind enough to speak personally with the officials in his collecting house and order them to write off my tax burden.

Happy New Year everyone!

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