Simple calculator for PG claims

Posted 24/12/2009 - 04:34 by anrigaut

I have managed to make a calculator for a simplified rough calculation of the interest and totals suitable to put on the PG claim form. There must be as almost many ways of 'calculating' the interest as there are depositors! Probably none of us know what is exactly the 'correct' way - but I think it's unimportant - the main thing is to put something (if ever these claims are accepted, they will be recalculated by the Khf liquidators).

So what I propose here is definitely not exact, but I reckon it's good enough for present purpose. It's much simpler than what I did myself (and have tried to describe to some of you), but gives quite similar results.

To use the calculator you need just 3 or 4 things:
The amount of your deposit with KSFIOM on 8 Oct 2008 (that should be easy!)
The amounts of your first and (if applicable) second payment(s) from the Liquidator and/or DCS (easy too)
The number of days elapsed between 23 April 2009 and the date on which you received your first payment (a bit more tricky this; doesn't have to be very precise though; for payments from the liquidator, dividend declared on 4 Sept and paid rapidly, it should be about 135 days - corresponds to 5 Sept; for DCS it will be more - and very variable; mine was 13 Oct and I make that 173 days). To ssimplify things, I have chosen to ignore the effect of the second payment (if any) in the interest calculation - equivalent to assuming it was paid on 30th Dec.

Armed with these numbers, you just have to enter them in the yellow cells (the lines above are examples). The results ((4 numbers to go on your form) will apppear in blue. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO MODIFY THE BLUE (or the grey) CELLS - these contain the formulas and are not protected (I don't how to do that!)

All a bit late, I know. But if it can still help ....

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