Sharks in our Midst

Posted 18/07/2009 - 05:10 by Valentine

Since the events of 7th July, I sense a feeling of bewilderment and dismay on this site. Apart from a few broadsides from Lucky Jim, people have been very quiet about what happened that day. It's as if we're all still in shock.

Well, I can't keep my frustrations in any longer. This is something that should be out in the open.

To take Jim's analogy a step further :

Since day one our ship has been surrounded by sharks, and now we find that there are sharks in the swimming pool.

Thanks to the HNW we have blown our best chance of building a solid platform on which to carry on the fight.

Thanks to the HNW we have been reduced to an aimless rabble.

The HNW tell us at great length that all their decisions within the group are arrived at by majority vote, yet they shamelessly refuse to abide by the decisions of the majority of the DAG, and instead pursue their own selfish agenda whatever that might be. And that's the crux of the matter - what is their agenda?

They have ridden on the back of the DAG when it suits them and they stab us in the back when unity was most needed.

Now we are faced with a long uphill struggle against not only the people who have always obstucted us, incuding our esteemed liquidators, but against the sharks in our midst as well.

One of them have stated on this site that the loan book is a good chance for someone to make a killing - that's just business, they say. No wonder they are in cahoots with the liquidators. No wonder some of them are proud to say that they are on first name terms with some of the ruling cabal on the island :
"I've spoken to him and he seems like a really nice bloke" - how pathetic !

Now that all the votes are counted their 'net worth' shouldn't be worth a row of beans - it should never have been.

Have they forgotten about the human misery that this fiasco has created that cannot be measured in pounds shillings and pence? Have they forgotten about the hundreds maybe thousands of pensioners scattered around the globe who, unlike the HNW in their highly paid jobs, can never recoup their losses? The ordinary folk whose life savings are sunk in this mess and to whom their losses are the difference between a contented retirement and a perpetual nightmare in their final years?

They blew it for them didn't they?

I am not a socialist and never will be, so I will echo the words of Edward Heath:
By their selfish actions the HNW has displayed the unacceptable face of capitalism at work.

I used to admire what some of the HNW used to say and do, but that was a long time ago .................

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