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Update 7 August, 09.20 GMT:
THANKS to all who have reacted to date, we now have 163 "No" votes and over 60 excellent comments on the TWFY site (below).
Over 600 of you voted on a recent poll here and 500 at the first Creditors' meeting - so where are the rest of you?

We need to HIT THEM over this. This site is read by MPs and we will be spreading the link around.
Now is YOUR chance to tell them what YOU think of the Treasury's trite answers. Don't waste it!

More 'annotations' needed too if you can manage it.
We are supposed to be an ACTION group. This is ACTION we can all take - it's really EASY, so why not DO IT, NOW?

From my original blog posting from 6 July:

Fellow depositors,

Here is a form of direct action that EVERY ONE of us can take part in RIGHT NOW, from the comfort of our computers (see the posts at

The trite response given last week by a Treasury spokes-person (Sarah McCarthy-Fry) to a recent written Parliamentary question on the possibility of a Public Inquiry in the UK into the events leading up to the collapse of KSFIOM cries out for a reaction on the They Work For You (TWFY) website (

Yet, despite repeated requests to do so, only a couple of dozen (always the same few) of DAG's 2000+ members have so far bothered to add a comment ('annotation') on this site, with a few more at least voting by a simple click to show their disagreement with the response.

Why is it so hard to get more than a handful of you to respond? Are you all asleep?

Just to recall the facts:
Mark Williams (Lib Dem, MP for Ceredigion and Shadow Minister for Wales) posed the following question:
"To ask the Chancellor of the Exchequer if he will establish an inquiry into the events leading to and following the failure of Kaupthing Singer and Friedlander (Isle of Man); and if he will make a statement."

Sarah McCarthy-Fry (Lab, Parliamentary Secretary HM Treasury and MP for Portsmouth North) replied thus:
"Kaupthing Singer and Friedlander Isle of Man (KSF IOM) is not a subsidiary of KSF in the UK, but of the Icelandic parent company. Oversight of KSF IOM is the responsibility of the Isle of Man's Financial Supervision Commission and therefore the question of a review would be primarily a matter for the Isle of Man Government."

Are you happy with that? Do you think she answered the question? If not, PLEASE PLEASE make a small effort. Go to this site NOW and CLICK THE BUTTON marked 'No!'. To date, 47 people have done this (none have said 'Yes!'). You DON'T have to register to do this - it's as simple as pie.

THEN, if you can manage just a little more, please add a comment ('Annotation') to the 30 or so already made. To do this you DO need to 'join' (scan down to the bottom of the page to do this); it's very easy. Once logged in, you can make your annotation in the box which now appears below the existing annotations. It can be as brief as you like - simply endorsing the excellent (but all too few!) comments already made would already be great. Of course, if you can add something more of your own, so much the better (but I suggest not too long - and no personal abuse please). And don't worry about anonymity; although they say they prefer you to use your real name (and most of us have done so to date), they do say you can use a pseudo if you prefer.

I guess this will be my last effort to gather support for this action. After that I shall do like Peter & Louise and give up. Can you prove me wrong by reacting massively? I understand that the TWFY site is widely used by MPs and the media. And if we get enough reaction here we can supply the link to those who might take notice. But first we all have to do our bit.

So come on folks - DO IT NOW! We need a Public Inquiry and we need it in the UK where all this began.

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