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I post this message from Mat as relayed by another DAG member earlier this month

... have had an email from Mat who has obviously been of concern to myself and other members. He has written the following to explain his situation and inform the DAG members of his circumstances and outlook.

"Hi All,

I heard that I’d been mentioned on the DAG site and while it groomed my, currently under inflated, ego I thought I should respond. I’ll not mince words; things are pretty bad for me personally, the two words ‘lost everything’ are so overused that it is only once ‘everything’ has gone that its true meaning is known. My (indeed, ‘our’ as it was then) early story can be read in the first page of ‘Your Stories’ and I can only add that things continued downhill, so I’ll not wallow in self pity any further – other depositors are in equally, or worse, dire straits. Life may be bloody tough at the moment (although fruit picking keeps me fit, and helping folk with their computer problems exercises the mind, brings some pennies in and gives me some Internet access), but I am not looking for help. The offers are very appreciated and constantly proves to me that there are some ‘nice’ people in the world, but being a stubborn male I simply cant accept them; but my gratitude is still total.

I left the site back in late November primarily because my Internet access became very haphazard and sporadic, and because the constant infighting and bickering had become too much of a distraction from the real issue (and please don’t think I am being high-and-mighty, I was just as bad!). I sometimes look at the public pages when online but most times my time online is spent sending emails, responding to replies and trying to keep our situation visible by writing on public comment sites (IE. iPM, IomToday, CityWire etc…).

Reading the site postings (blog openings and forum initial posts are visible publicly) I see that the infighting is much the same and I do find that quite depressing. Please remember folk that we are all in the same boat and that we all have a single aim – the return of 100% deposits. Reading what I can, I feel that some are losing sight of the core issue and what can be done. The IoM Government and various (some unscrupulous) legal companies can do absolutely nothing to get our 100% money back until the UK Government returns the money it has frozen – there may be talk of DCS’s and SoA’s and other schemes but they are just smokescreens and false hope raisers. Nothing can even start to happen until the money frozen in London is returned.

Posting on this site does absolutely nothing to help get the money back, it is only read by other depositors. What does help is sending emails/Letters – not cut/paste copies of templates from the site, but personally written – to MP’s and the media, and writing on publicly visible forums. Some people are actively working to try and get the money back from the UK, but they are just fellow depositors like us; despite what is said, there are no ‘secret’ talks behind doors and the UK Government (and to some degree the IoM) is playing the game of ignoring us to keep it all quite and out of the public eye. The depositors who are actively working to try and get the money back need us solidly behind them to give them the power to make the Politian’s listen – we can only do that by continuing to make a lot of noise.

While getting letters to newspapers published, commenting on public discussion forums and sending endless emails/letters to MP’s and the media may seem a waste of time and not worthwhile nothing could be further from the truth; it ensures our plight is kept visible and it gives more power the folk fighting the battle in London on our behalf. It is much better to shout something publicly that is wrong than to not shout anything at all. Even if what you shout is factually wrong, it will still show that we are here and not going to go away. If a fellow depositor on this site makes you angry with something they have said, please don’t retaliate as they – whatever they have said – are NOT the real enemy; use that anger to make yet another posting on a public discussion forum – not to attack the fellow depositor but to attack the people who are holding onto the £550Million of our money in London.

So PLEASE get out there; vote on the 10 Downing street petitions, write on the iPM blog, write on the IoMToday blog, write on the CityWire comments page/s, send more letters and emails to MPs (and when they don’t reply or try and fob you off – I constantly have to keep telling them i could not get a bank account in the UK without a UK address – put them right and send them more!), write to newspaper Letters pages. If someone attacks you for saying the wrong thing, get angry and shout louder, not at the person who attacked you but at the people who caused this in the first place. But don’t fall into the trap of thinking that writing on this site will achieve anything. It wont.

Finally I must mention that ng (and the others) has done, and continues to do, a fantastic job with the site. I may have been in at the beginning and helped to get the site off the ground (for purely selfish reasons; I had to do something at the time) but ng took over my amateurish attempts and really made the site what it is today!


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