A parable about the DAG, DST & HNW Group

Posted 14/07/2009 - 22:51 by Anonymous

And it came to pass that when the people of the DAG had ceased from squabbling amongst themselves they said unto him: "Master tell us a parable about the DAG, DST & HNW"

Whereupon he said unto them: "There was once a mighty ship that was set on a great mission. It had first, second & third class passengers on board. The first class was on the top deck, the second class in the middle of the ship & the third class way down in the bowels of the ship.

Cometh the eve, the Captain of the ship would wine and dine with a privileged number of worthy passengers at his table, and the crumbs that fell from the table would be gathered up to be sent below decks to feed the multitude in the bowels of the ship.

But behold, when the Captain was on the bridge of the ship, he took upon his shoulders equal responsibility for ALL the souls on board. He was a true & faithful respecter of all life that had been committed to his charge, for he did not ponder in his heart that some souls who had riches should be considered of greater worth than lesser souls in great poverty.

And it came to pass that the ship was overwhelmed by a great storm & began to sink, and in this calamity the class divide between all the souls on board became irrelevant as when all were faced with death they all of an instant realised that despite the things that seperated the one from the other they all had one thing in common, namely LIFE itself.

However, in the face of the calamity that was overetaking them, the strengths & weaknesses of human behaviour started to make themselves manifest. The Captain was distressed to see some passengers small in number but high in value thought their life and self-interests were of more worth than others & they started to behave according to their self esteem, determining to save their own skins at the expense of all others high in number but low in value.

Despite this discord amongst the people there were many souls of all classes that believed the word that women & children should be first in the lifeboats, whereupon they acted according to the goodness in their hearts. Then as the Captain thought to prepared the lifeboats to be lowered in the height of the storm he did not speak a word that any one group should have special privilages to determine by number & their value who should live & who should perish.

But at the eleventh hour the Captain called upon all souls of all classes to come together to take charge of the pumps to empty the bilge of the ship, in order that they might all together save the ship and make their way in common union, resolving to fulfil the purpose of their journey and recover 100% all that they had lost, irrespective of the size of that which had been taken from each of them."

Then the people of the DAG said unto him: "Master explain to us the meaning of the parable that we might the better have wisdom and understanding in our midst and join together to take good care the one for the other."

So he said unto them: "All you that hath ears to both hear and understand the meaning of this parable, see now the errors of your ways that some of you in the midst do put your great wealth & your station in life above the welfare of the least of your bretheren.

I say unto you, humble yourselves and come together to find common ground between yourselves in order that you may resolve what divides one soul from another, lest in your disunity & self interest you all do perish. For I say unto you that like a ship that is floundering in heavy seas with all abord divided in what they should do to save themselves because they heed not the voice of the Captain at the helm, a house that is divided against itself can not stand."

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