Open Letter/Email sent 15/2/09 To Whom It May Concern

Posted 15/02/2009 - 15:34 by Tricky Dicky

This open letter has today been sent to selected members of IOMG/FSC/HMG/HMT/MoJ

15th February 2009

Dear Sir(s), Madame, Mesdames,

Open letter: To Whom It May Concern 8/10/08

I started writing this as a note to myself, but then began thinking, thinking about those who cannot write for themselves, those that no longer have a voice, those that have died, mainly through suicide, either directly or indirectly associated with the Kaupthing banking collapse, and its fallout, thinking about the families, relatives and friends who are no longer living.

I consider myself lucky, as the money we deposited, some would say invested, in KSFIOM, was to provide us with most of our annual income, to cover bills, taxes etc as we retired early to leave behind the rat race, politics and back stabbing that is so prevalent in all areas of life today. We moved here to lead a quiet life, growing a lot of our own food, using wood burners to keep warm in winter, and generally as they say today reduce our ‘carbon footprint’. Others are not so lucky; they have 100% of their savings frozen, at the moment in KSFIOM. Many of these are pensioners, some in their 80’s who potentially will never see their money again, they live in countries where healthcare has to be paid for, and getting older, inevitably brings on medical problems. Others placed money in the bank whilst they emigrated from the UK to find a new life elsewhere, they have found elsewhere but now cannot afford the new life.

8/10/08 for me should go into the history books, especially on IOM, as much as 9/11 is enshrined in American history, but for very different reasons.
Why has all this happened? Because ‘fat overpaid cats’ in Politics, Financial Services, Civil Servants, Bankers, Insurance Company Exec’s are all hoping that to go to Buckingham Palace one day to see HM The Queen, and receive a meaningless piece of metal, for services rendered, a job well done. They want a bigger and better car, more luxurious house, lavish holidays to far away places. If you don’t believe me, then read the papers, watch the news. Well, personally, I hope when they are sitting there eating their Sunday roast and Yorkshire pudding, with a nice bottle of claret, they take a long hard look at their hands and see the blood stains on them.
Why is it that no one in Authority, or in fact anyone has the moral fibre, the courage, the strength to stand up and say mistakes were made, to say ‘SORRY’. Where is their moral backbone, their Christianity, some faint flickering light of a little altruism? Why do they have to hide behind smoke screens, solicitors, consultants, so called experts, to cover up the errors they made, just what at ‘the end of the day’ are they trying to prove and to whom.

In Oct 2008 when I found out the problem at KSFIOM, like many others probably my initial thoughts were 95% about retrieving my money and 5% about the injustice of the situation. I for one within the Depositors Action Group, spent many hours researching for documents to rebuke HMG’s statements that IOM was “a tax haven in the Irish Sea”, I sort of believed that IOMG was “going to do its best for depositors”. In the last 2 months or so, my view on this has changed I am now fast approaching the position where the concern for my money is 10% and my desire for justice is 90%.

I do hereby solemnly vow for myself and for all those who cannot, that I will see justice done legally, to all those spineless members of Authority and Power in any country, who have had anything to do with creating this sorry mess.

Yours assuredly

Richard Carter
Member of Kaupthing Singer & Friedlander (Isle of Man) Depositors Action Group

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