Open Communication - a reiteration of site policy

Posted 20/07/2009 - 14:28 by ng

Basic policy

  • The policy here is one of open communication or "free speech" between members

  • All members have equal opportunities (whatever their race, creed, political affinity, etc, etc.)

  • Posts and comments are not censored except in exceptional circumstances. In all cases, any editing will be as minimal as possible.


  • Conflict with the open communication policy can arise, for example if one member deliberately or accidentally discloses identity or personal information of another member.

  • Anyone demonstrably acting aggressively towards other members or site administrators will most likely have their posts censored and/or be banned from the site.

  • Any posts which may result in legal action against other members or site administration may be edited or removed.

Recent events have led me to question this policy - the problem being that some members may accidentally or deliberately post misleading information or false "facts". Nonetheless I consider the open communication principle to be our best option.

Another issue is who should decide what is and isn't allowed? Right now that decision comes down to me, though of course I welcome input from others. I would also welcome any practical proposals as to how control might be improved.

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