Ongoing strategy for DAG web-sites

Posted 16/07/2009 - 15:47 by ng

A brief summary of needs

  • DAG members need to inter-communicate to present and discuss ideas, work collaboratively on projects, report important news, and so on.

  • Many members have limited interest in actually taking part and are primarily interested in receiving only important information in a summarised form. Therefore there is a need to provide summarised information resulting from group and sub-group activities.

  • Notwithstanding the above, member's do not generally seem to want flow of such information to be controlled (filtered, censored) by specific individuals promoting their own views. i.e. members want to be able to choose who they listen to.

  • Members have different skill sets, widely differing levels of IT literacy and different views on how best to achieve DAG's overall objective. It is probably pointless to try to achieve a one size fits all approach either in terms of site functionality nor member activity.

  • Apart from the fundamental motivation of securing return of deposits via whatever channel, many members are motivated by the desire to see justice done and to create much greater public awareness of the KSFIOM story.

Purpose, direction and strategy for DAG web-sites

Currently we have three sites of which two are live.

The forum (or chat) site

Intended for internal communication between DAG members. Strategy/direction:

  • Continue to facilitate and improve effective internal communication.
  • Evolve into a teamwork platform facilitating DAG actions.
  • Cater for inevitable sub-groups - otherwise sub-groups will move away from DAG and operate independently.

The main www (public) site

Intended for the public, the media and other interested parties. Strategy/direction:

  • Improve ease of navigation so the visitors can find information more easily.
  • Evolve into a powerful platform to promote public awareness of DAG and the whole KSFIOM story.

The new (unreleased) members site

Currently at and, intended for depositors only.

  • Controlled by DST and content limited to be compatible with DST strategy/activity.
  • Access restricted to bonafide depositors, allowing DAG-private information to be posted without risk of exposure to non-friendly parties.
  • Intended to initially complement and perhaps ultimately replace the existing forum site (depending on member's preferences).

Common functionality - notifications

The notifications feature, common to all sites, allows members receive (via email) news and updates posted on the sites. Members are able to control for example who (which authors) and what (type of information) they "listen to" via subscription notification. This approach is often more convenient then browsing the sites looking for the latest posts, especially for those who are unfamiliar with site structure and functionality. Some improvements are needed to allow members to more easily select what information to receive and to avoid the spam effect of receiving emails covering topics that they are really not interested in.

Changes on the Forum site

16/7/09, changes have been implemented on the Forum site in order to move towards are more structured approach to facilitating collaborative teamwork and sub-group activity and communication.

All Groups now have their own Forum area. Initially there is only one Forum per Group but more can be added if needed. Functionality and purpose remain the same, but structure and visibility change.

Why is this being done?

  • As part of an ongoing strategy to improve internal DAG communication.
  • To help avoid the problem of spam (email which you have no interest in) resulting from the subscriptions/notifications feature.
  • To support the fact that there are multiple sub-groups within DAG, giving them all the opportunity to intercommunicate and cross communicate more effectively, under the umbrella of the DAG and it's single overall objective.

What do you need to do?

Nothing, other than make sure you are in the correct Group area before making a new post. You may want to join Groups and adjust your notification settings accordingly.

Further changes will be made to make that easier and generally streamline the process.


Further information in due course, and in the meantime please see this blog entry which goes some way to explain in more detail how Groups work.

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