Dear All

I feel there are similarities between the Boston Tea Party and our predicament.

It seems as though Gordon Brown is using the KSF IOM debacle as a way of "dealing/revisiting" the status of the IOM as an Offshore International Financial Centre.
He wants to use the £550m of KSFIOM money belonging to Expats to assist in his re-election by using it to bribe the UK residents (voters) who had lost money in other Icelandic Banks.

These are serious times -- and a huge threat to the IOM (and other similar centres).

But the point is why is he doing this?

The answer lies in the fact that we are not voters. Therefore we do not count/matter.

And yet some of us are UK taxpayers.

Surely some mistake? (Ed)

I believe that ALL UK taxpayers no matter their country of Residence should be entitled to vote. When I was serving overseas in the British Army - we were entitled to vote.

Now if we can get a campaign underway then we might have a chance of being listened to. The option of course is NO TAXATION!

I am sure that the Opposition would agree to this proposal?

Thoughts invited...............................


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