New Members & Depositors - Please Read

Posted 13/11/2008 - 10:10 by Tricky Dicky

For all New Members especially Depositors to this site:

After your initial registration please see the following guidance notes:

  1. Place your votes in the following Polls:

* Age Group of Depositors.
* Distribution of Depositors by Citizenship and residency.
* How much have you lost (or stand to lose).
* How many individual accounts did you hold at KSFIoM at the time of its demise?
Voting in other Polls is recommended after you have more fully understood what has occurred and the affects on your particular situation.

  1. Read the 'Welcome Page'

  2. Read the 'Position Paper'.

  3. Read press release’s from the Group under ‘Press’ at the top of the page.

  4. Join your relevant Group – see ‘Groups’ at top of page – these are other members who will have like interests - use the 'Join' link.

  5. Please read through ‘Recent Posts’ but be aware there are many pages, and the pages further back may show a topic that is already open for your potential comments.

  6. Read through the 'Actions and Tasks' , open each one by clicking on the words in 'blue' and action if applicable, they will then disappear from your list when you return to the main screen. If you do not open them they will remain on your list.

  7. Read through some of 'Our Stories' adding your own if possible.

  8. We all on this site, understand the frustration etc, that you feel, but initially please make yourself aware of how the site works and runs.

    If you need to vent steam, please go to the forum topic 'Not a place for discussion - JUST A PLACE TO SCREAM'.

    If you have some good news, a birthday or someting similar, please go to the forum topic entitled 'Good News Forum'.

    If you wish to comment or reply to a comment please include any relevant links to external web sites - if applicable.

    If you find comments offensive, there is at the bottom of each comment or reply to a comment, a section marked 'Flag as Offensive', you will be asked to specify your reasons, this is so the Moderators of this site can understand why you think it is offensive.

    If you find any 'news' items please first check they have not been posted under 'News', if not then create new 'News Item' and ensure you copy/paste the relevant web address.

  9. We would also like to make you aware that this site can be read by anyone, so:

* DO NOT provide any personal details at this time.
* Respect others by not using inappropriate language.
* We applaud good debate, but not interpersonal arguments, which must be conducted away from this web site.

  1. If you have any constructive comments to make this information more complete or useful, then please add by means of a 'comment'.

  2. If you are a Depositor but have missed or not declared that you are such, then you can Edit your Depositor Status. This information will be of importance in the near future.

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