My grateful thanks, too....

Posted 15/12/2020 - 17:40 by Anonymous

May I, in turn, albeit a bit belatedly, say how grateful I am, and have been to all "the usual suspects" here who have done so much to help -- especially Aringaut, NG, Gordon 45, and all the others....

I think, apart from gratitude for helping us get our money back (quite a feat in itself!) the greatest thing to be grateful for is -- HOPE.

Particularly during the early days of "The Dark Ages", when all looked lost, this website, and a small band of active people, such as those above, and many others I suspect, helped keep hope ALIVE.

That was a godsend! Especially when you think that, in "the old days" people who lost money in banks often went off and did things in a fit of depression that they certainly would have regretted if they had had some perspective.

"The usual suspects" very fortunately provided that, over a very long time, and at some cost to themselves -- and I, for one, am VERY grateful for all that they have done.

Thanks everyone!!

OnceBitten (Martyn Green)

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